Fantasia’s Suicide Drama Taped For Reality Show

Just hours after she was admitted into a North Carolina hospital for an apparent suicide attempt, singer Fantasia Barrino allowed VH1 cameras into her hospital room to tape her ordeal. Recently released video of this Sunday’s episode of “Fantasia For Real” shows the distraught season 3 “American Idol” winner crying with tubes in her arm and being pushed around in a wheelchair. Fantasia admits on camera to being “tired,” while her manager is also seen referring to her as “broken.”


  1. I’m starting to think she did this to help boost the ratings for her show

  2. Child Aunt Bunny gives me life!!! LOL

    Keep your focus Fantasia, the enemy may set before you many a trap, but God is able to direct your footsteps. Stop looking around and look up.


  3. Whatever she did it worked!! what dark-skinned big lip sista lately has made it to the top of the charts? NONE. If you not brown, light or damn near white oh and I forgot skinny as hell too you ain’t going nowhere fast.

  4. Myshel you are not condoning this mess are you? Fantasia has done irreparable harm to her name and career. She will always been seen as a nutcase now. Her album isn’t at the top of the charts and neither are her singles. This gimmick got her a ton of attention but it sure didn’t get her any respect.

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