Fantasia Admits Suicide Attempt

Barely two weeks after overdosing on a concoction of aspirin and sleeping pills, Fantasia is opening up to VH-1 cameras for a special episode of their hit series “Behind The Music.”

“I didn’t have any fight left in me. I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted out,” the 26 year old singer is quoted as saying. “At that moment, I just wanted out. I wanted it to be over with- all of it, all of that shit.”

In the interview, Fantasia is said to go into great detail at that fateful night, saying: “I just sat in the closet and looked at the mirror and took all the pills in the bottle. I wanted to go to sleep and be at peace. I knew exactly what I was doing. You can’t accidentally take a whole bottle of sleeping pills.”

Fantasia said she tried to kill herself because she “was tired of people doing me wrong, constantly, over and over again, dealing with my family- my father, dealing with men and their shit- I was tired- my head was hurting me. I was over it.

Fantasia then went into detail about her relationship with Antwaun Cook- the man whose wife accused Fantasia of having a hand in their marital break-up. “When I met him, he was separated and wasn’t living at home. He didn’t want to be back with his wife- that is what I was told.

Fantasia’s “Back to Me” album will be released tomorrow. Her VH-1 special will air later on that night.


  1. Fanny please you need to be thinking about your daughter. I have a daughter i be damn if i take my life over some man a married one at that.

    As far as your family you need to cut some of them off from what i seen from the show.

  2. Something tells me that this was a hoax just to get her some record sales and more viewership for her reality show.
    and if she did try to commit suicide, shame on her for being selfish and not thinking about her daughter.
    What a loser.

  3. Well I wish her the best in life. Some times we have to fall back on people, family and friends. Yes men do lie to get what they want when they want it. I live in winston and I heard they set her up the guy and wife. They planned this so they could get some money. They suppose to get back together after the settlement. If that happens tasia need to blow the roof off. Don’t know how true it is, but let’s keep our ears open because women should work together not against. If women worked together their would be less dogs out here. Bye 4 now.

  4. Sad situation. But all she needs is God right now. Also I agree with Lady, even though they’re your family if they’re not doing anything to help themselves and dragging you down aswell, you HAVE to let them go simple as that. Hope she gets better VERY soon, and realizes that nothings more important than her life and her daughter.

  5. Fantasia has been through so many ups and downs, that it’s hard to believe this girl is only 26 years old. I’m glad she survived. I pray God gives her the strength to go on and to learn to be in the company of those who truly love and cherish her. I pray He allows her to become something great, if even only for her daughter.

    About 5 years ago I lost a friend to a suicide attempt when he was only 22 years old. I wish he hadn’t succeded. It still hurts to this day.

    Shame on those of you who are writing her off because she made a mistake. Judge all you want but only God knows what you would do if you were in her position.

  6. I am gald that she is doing well & I hope she grows stronger. But once again she did put herself in this position. She says that she was “told” about the “separation” by Cook. However, when interviwers began asking her about her new “married”,did she ever think after the interviews were over “hmmm let me check into this” or did any redlights go off saying “Danger! danger! abandon ship!”. Instead of denying her relationship w/ Cook, she shoulda got on the ball & did some research on this fool. And if in fact it is true that after ALL of this she is STILL hanging around this man tapping her show’s 2nd season, it will only show that she has learned NOTHING from this experience & some lying is going on. It will also give the impression that she doesn’t care or has no remorse. No man is worth all of this drama & confusion, if he is giving you THAT much hell he NEEDS to be dismissed.

    Men do lie & as women we NEED to be on our game( can we say background checks) when dealing w/ them, especially when they drop the “separated” line. I can only hope that Fanny will grow wiser from this experience. She’s been thru too much in life to be this naive.

  7. Nobody knowz wotz waitin 4 them around the corner, so 4 pple 2 gloat over Fantasiaz demise is very sad.Compassion is needed in a situation like this……fink on pple….. the lady woz confused & depressed 2 go 2 the lengthz she did, @ by the mercy of God she is still here, eventually she wil b well enough 2 deal with the eventz of her actionz, remember she is 1st & 4most a human bein….WE ALL MAKE MISTAKEZ…2ndly she a mother. WOTEVER DOESZNT BREAK HER WILL MAKE HER A STRONGER WOMAN….ALL THE BEST 2U FANTASIA

  8. This is all too much of a a co-winkydink, new album, new show, whatever!!

  9. Stephanie Mann, I agree with you. I definitely think we need to be more compassionate from Fantasia’s situation to the young lady who killed her two kids. We are living in the last days and we don’t know what will happen next. Our minds, hearts and bodies are weak and frail and we need to stick together, love each other and stop judging people! I wish her much success and will be purchasing her cd in the morning. She is God’s creation and deserves to be loved by him just like us all.

  10. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Fantasia is a young woman and will continue to make mistakes (some of us are in our 30s and 40s and still making the same mistakes). I hope she learns from them and realize that no man or woman on this earth is worth going to hell for. My heart goes out to her daughter because its obvious that she is not the love of Fantasia life and that will do nothing but cause her daughter to make the same mistakes. I wish her luck.

  11. KIMBERLY- The word compassionate means to feel for someone right? Well ummm I’m not one bit compassionate for the woman who killed her OWN CHILDREN. How do you do that? No I’m not in her situation at all and don’t know what she was going through, but I know for a FACT that I would never harm MY kids. Or anyone else’s for that matter. Hell the police even said she had no remorse. Sorry, but I have no compassion for that SISTA.SMDH.

  12. One more thing, why should we feel empathetic for the lady because she’s black? I mean really. Sorry, but those kinds of things that includes harming children p*ss me off because they didn’t even have a chance. A chance to defend themselves, a chance at living and experiencing life. Then someone is on here talking about having compassion for a person like that? I feel for the oldest child who has to now grow up without a mother, and his two siblings that he’d probably grown to love.

  13. … selfish?? very selfish? I wonder did she think about that beautiful daughter she would have left behind?

  14. I do understand being pushed to your breaking point. However I have been in a situation(9 years ago) when I felt hopeless after the death of my child and tried to take my own point is..if Fanny was so hopeless then how come she had time to text somebody back and tell them what she did..and furthermore if your that low you need time to recover..a person would not be chillin in the park and filming a relaity show a couple days after you tried to commit suicide. If it were a serious suicide attempt the hospital would not have discharged her so easily. This was simply a cry for attention..and not a person who was truely hopeless..Just my opinion yall don’t get mad 🙂

  15. I have loved Fantasia since she jumped on the scene. Everytime I hear this child sing I cry. When I first heard about this happening a just knew it was an accident, because I know how much she loves her baby, but when they said she did it on purpose I was so disappointed. My heart aches for the pain that she is going through, but I will not give up on her. She is God’s child and he will look out for her. I will be purchasing her album and watching her show. Keep your head up Fantasia and be strong..Too many people love you for you to try and check out..

  16. I thought it was standard procedure to admit people who attempt suicide to a mental facility for evaluation. She’s out doing gigs and promotions for her new CD and reality show two weeks after this so called suicide attempt. Sorry, but it sounds like a publicity stunt for sympathy.

  17. I hope she stays successful…I wish her no ill will. However, that is some selfish shit and she owes her only child an apology. I was watching Good Morning America and Nancy Grace and I wonder why these shows did not put ALICIA KEYS adultress ass on FIRE? That was racist to me target the dark skinned project chick!

  18. LYING HOODRAT! It’s too much of a
    coincidence that she has an album, a reality show, & VH1 special all coming out around the same time. If she overcame everything in her past there’s no way she was pushed to a breaking point, this is a publicity stunt..I hope this all backfires on her illiterate @ss!

  19. I think that Fantasia is totally mixed up and confused. The peace she is searching for is in the Lord. Her main focus should be on her daughter and taking care of her. Her musio is her passion and pays the bills. Couple these things together and she won’t have time for men and all their drama.

  20. At first, I was sympathetic. But, now totally convinced that this was for publicity. Who talks about their suicide attempt one week after it happens? And if I did believe her, instead of focusing on her daughter and being a true example of womanhood for her, she is showing her daughter that it’s okay to let a man control your life, thoughts and feelings to the point of suicide. I feel sorry for that little girl.

  21. We need to be more compassionate and understanding and not so critical and judgmental. Fantasia is a young woman experiencing lifes ups and downs and first-hand of how mean spirited and jealous we as human beings can be. but most of all she is our sister and a child of God and deserves our respect and love unconditionally. We need to lift her up in spirit with prayer and Gods Grace and Mercy. Fantasia, be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, learn from life’s hard knocks, and most of all stay true to your spiritual beliefs, trust in the Almighty, talk to him, ask for His Mercy, he will walk you through this ordeal and make you a stronger better person for it

  22. @ Nikki
    Many people do send out an SOS immediately before or right after a suicide attempt. This is not manipulation but desperation. In a moment of weakness, a person can feel so hopeless that they want to take an easy way out. To those that stand the risk of losing that person it is indeed selfish. She says she was mad at everyone. But usually the truth is that people who attempt suicide are ashamed of themselves and feel their lives are broken beyond repair and they cannot fix it.

    The only difference between Fanny and anyone else is that she has a public career. There can be a person who works side by side with you or someone you party with who has done the same thing: considered or even attempted suicide but resumed life as normal within a couple of days.

    I used to work in a medical facility. This happens far more often than you know!

  23. Also… a tv show and a CD does not equate to happiness. It does not means her life is a walk in a park. Biggie said “more money, more problems” and many entertainers have lamented the same thing.

  24. Fan You find a man that you deemed good, He is going trough a divorce not a separation! I don’t think you’re doing a damn thing wrong. Now a days good man is hard to find; and to pass on one because he is bound to a woman by a piece of paper is some straight foolery, if he still loves her back off, but if they are obviously done, do what you gotta do, and for those career single hollier than thou chicks, and doormat who let their men get away with everything without dealing with it, they can kiss your ass 🙂

  25. so sad -peace be unto her.
    i was so elated when she won American Idol; just goes to show fame & money don’t heal deep wounds.

  26. @ PEARLSREVEALED, co-sign and thank you for your words. There is yet a stigma attached to mental illness. It’s sad that folk don’t see this situation for what it was a cry for help; publicity stunt or not, WHO in their ‘right’ mind would go that route??? Either way, seek help Fanny. Get counseling. Get treatment. STAY IN COUNSELING. God bless her.

  27. @ Not Important…..HELLO!!!!!
    (“If women worked together their would be less dogs out here.”)

    I ALSO AGREE WITH Ella Umbrella, “Shame on those of you who are writing her off because she made a mistake. Judge all you want but only God knows what you would do if you were in her position.”


  28. She is not mentally ill, everyone. Ain’t nothing wrong with her–she’s just silly! Damn near every entertainer has something “major” that happens right before they drop an album. DUH! We (the public) need to stop buyin into all this FOOLISHNESS! As for Fantasia, I know her story, love her music, wish her well, however, it’s apparent that she ain’t the brightest light on the Christmas tree. It’s also apparent that she has little to no guidance from her mother! Apparently, her team didn’t think this one thru, but maybe they did cus it’s evident that America loves “victims”…ie. Rihanna, Halle Berry, now Fantasia to name a few. SMDH We gotta do better!

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