Fantasia Battles Katy Perry On The Charts

Ordinarily most people would not be concerned about Fantasia’s first week album sales. However, with rampant speculation that her suicide attempt was a publicity stunt, the media is now paying very close attention to how well her “Back to Me” album performs in its first week of release.

Fantasia’s album was released yesterday and early estimates had her album moving briskly. However, with the likes of pop hit-maker Katy Perry to contend with, it appears the singer’s brisk sales will not be brisk enough. According to Hits Daily Double, Katy will have the number one album in the country next week, selling around 200,000 copies, a big disappointment to those industry insiders who predicted the “California Girls” singer would move about 500,000 units.

Coming up behind Katy will be Fantasia, who is expected to move about 130,000 copies. This is roughly about what the singer’s last album sold in its first week. Whether Fantasia will land in the number two spot on next week’s chart is still up in the air, as Eminem’s “Recovery” shows no signs of slowing down.


  1. Katy Perry has two super huge hit singles and another on the way and all she moves is maybe 200K. I wonder if her first week sales will cause her album to be labeled a flop like Rihannna’s was? A huge white pop star with a summer mega hit should have damn sure moved at least 300 thou.

  2. @JBL

    Yeah, interesting….

    Just evidence that the music buying public and market has changed…not to forget about a recession…along with the easy accessibility of music online, for free…I wish them both top numbers…it’s hit or miss…Drake did the big numbers, Em is still slaying…the female artists struggle much more…they can have radio play, plenty of media coverage and this only generate moderate numbers…whereas Eminem, Drake, Usher, Justin Bieber are doing it big!


    Totally agree with you, girl. Just to add though, unfortunately, male artists tend to outsell female artists based on mass appeal. I know men and women who will buy an Usher or Eminem CD, while only women, especially young teenage women, tend to buy a Katy Perry or Rihanna CD. Lol, although in the case of Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber, lots of young females are buying Justin’s album and lots of gay men are buying Gaga’s. Interesting world we live in today.

  4. I don’t really believe the suicide attempt was a publicity stunt. She could have just said she thought about it and get attention without having to actually attempt it. I don’t get what good it would accomplish beside people thinking you are deeply disturbed. Regardless of what is going on in your life if people like your music then they will buy your album. Fantasia has had traumatic things in her life from rape to illiteracy to being sued by family. I can easily see how over the years that can weigh on you especially if these people are still around. I hate to say it but Fantasia probably should have done what Keyshia Cole did and disconnect herself from her family for a while, which is hard to do.

  5. It seems like sex tapes and publicity stunts are the new way to promote a career today.

  6. Sorry, but Tasia don’t stand a chance against Katy Perry. No offense.

  7. It ain’t like Katy Perry is kicking her butt in the sales department. 200k for a supposed bigtime artist like that is chump change. Keyshia Cole and Trey Songs have sold better than that in their first weeks and they don’t get half the press Perry does. Fantasia wins cause ppl didnt expect anything from her, while the media was acting like Perry was the next Lady Gag.

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