Fantasia: Health Scare Prompted Backup Plan

Fantasia Fantasia recently sat down with CNN and for the first time explained what prompted her to miss over 50 performances last year during her run as Celie in the Broadway production of The Color Purple.

The American Idol winner, who is now back starring in the play, says an unexpected health scare is what sidelined her run last summer, and ultimately forced her to seek a backup plan… an education.

“Actually, I had tumors, I was having surgery, and I was just tired,” says Fantasia. “I didn’t understand why I was so tired. I would go from “The Color Purple” and go get IV’s because they would say I was dehydrated but it wasn’t that. I had two tumors that were draining everything out of me.”

The tumors were in Fantasia’s throat of all places and the singer says she was unable to speak for over six weeks. Fully recovered now, Fantasia says almost losing her voice prompted her to to go back to school and seek her high school diploma.

Check out the entire interview below…


  1. Good job, tasia… it was a part of the plan, for you to go back to skool.

  2. and to think, everyone’s 1st thoughts were that she was pregnant! -never assume.

  3. i love her and when i first heard of the tumour story i was not suprised realy,she sings from her throat and that can realy mess you up….i think she must take vocal coaching coz she still uses her throat even after sugery…..but i’m happy that she finished school and she must take it further….well done.

  4. Love her!

    I will be seeing her in September @ the Fox Theatre in ATL.

    Go luck Tasia!

  5. WOW thats messed up.Glad she got better…Yea that happend to my aunt and she ended up parlayzed in the throat.She never spoke again and had to eat thru a feeding tube the rest of her life..

  6. She spoke about this on the Bobby Jones Gospel show.

    What an inspiring story. Of course the other black websites won’t report on something as important as getting an education.

    I applaud her.

  7. I remember hearing about missing shows, dissapointted fans, the negativities, and no explanations. It’s great that all this time she was taking care of herself both physically and academically. She’s got to preserve all that greatness. Also it’s always good to have a back up plan especially one as solid as an education.

  8. I just saw her in the Color Purple DC two weeks ago. She was wonderful. I’m so happy she is healthy now.

  9. When something really important to you nearly gets snatched away, it wakes you up quick. Crisis is a good thing when you choose not to wallow in the trauma of the event or have a ‘woe is me’ party. Helps you re-think priorities and adjust goals. I think Ms. Tasia will be better than ever. I am truly excited for future.

  10. Saw here during her run in New York City in 2007, she was freaking awesome. Girl got a standing ovation and it was richly deserved. B’way ain’t no joke, but not only did she pull it off I have a new found respect for her. There is no editing or retakes in the theater. You either got it or you don’t and that girl got IT!!!!!!

  11. hey,am happy for her thank God she feels better, and most of all she getting her education back. education is the key to success

  12. O-M-G I luv Tasia….please drop another cd I miss u and I am so proud that u decided 2 go back 2 school!!

  13. God bless Fantasia. I really hope that she is not singing too soon and that her throat has healed. Hope she takes the education even further. Good Luck Fantasia.

  14. I never liked her voice but I am glad she is pursuing her diploma and hopefully higher education. No one can ever take that from you.

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