Fantasia Releases ‘Ugly’ New Single


Fantasia Unveils Country Inspired Single ‘Ugly’

Fantasia’s Rock Soul movement has just added a little bit of Country to the mix. Earlier today, the North Carolina native took to her Facebook page to introduce Ugly, the second single off of her upcoming album, The Definition Of… The song is produced by Ron Fair and according to Fanny, is an homage to the country music she grew up listening to as a child.

Ugly is written by Andra Mae and utilizes country music’s long-standing tradition of telling stories through song. Fantasia will perform the single live for the first time tomorrow night on American Idol. In the meantime, you can check out the simple lyrics video posted below.


  1. Nice. Different. Glad she can cross genres and extends herself.

  2. It’s better than the first single she released. Fantasia is at her best when she does her own thing.

  3. Fantasia should be on top of the charts. Ugly should be a huge crossover for her. And, then there is gospel. She can duet with Mama anytime or go solo.

  4. I agree with Bobbysgurl, I really hope this pushes her to a great crossover hit. She is a really great singer.

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