Fantasia Reveals Album Details


Fantasia isn’t letting her little brouhaha on Twitter last week keep her from moving forward with plans to release her third solo CD.

Fanny has finished shooting the video for her new single ‘Lose to Win’ and earlier this week visited the Steve Harvey Show where she revealed the title of her new album: ‘The Side Effects of You’ and the release date: March 13th.

Fantasia said the album will have a rock-soul feel and feature songs either written or co-written by her. “I feel like this project is my baby. The label allowed me to write and they gave me the freedom to try something new.”

‘Lose to Win’ was released digitally on Monday and according to Fantasia, was the song that most stood out to her. “I was blown away by the feel,” she said. The songs isn’t just about my personal life, but my career as well. There have been ups and downs, but in the end I keep moving forward.”

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  1. Blacks really hate Fantasia. I think they hate the way she looks so much that it dictates the way they write about her. If she were considered pretty she would get better press.

  2. I give Steve Harvey credit, he surely looks out for Fantasia…he’s always a blessing in promoting her during his morning show…Fantasia is such a jewel…beyond the other noise…I hope she hangs in there and don’t get distracted by naysayers…she’s such an immense talent!

  3. I think Fantasia is pretty and I love her voice! If black people hate the way she looks then they hate the way they look too! I wish her look with her music!

  4. i love fantasia and i know she is going to be successful and no black people don’t hate fantasia some people are just critical of things that she should avoid because as a black woman we need all the positive images presented and our career focused on and not highlight our private life on reality tv.

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