Fantasia Sets the Record Straight

Singer Fantasia Barrino took to The Wendy Williams Show today to dispute recent claims of her being dropped from the upcoming Mahalia Jackson biopic.

For those of you not in the know, Fantasia is pregnant and expecting a child with Antwaun Cook, a man who is still married to his first wife.

This is reportedly why Mahalia’s estate felt Fantasia was unworthy to portray the life of a woman who is considered the mother of gospel music.

Fantasia however told Wendy that no contracts were ever signed and that after speaking with the producers in Oct/Nov of 2010, she never heard back from them.

Despite that, Fantasia says she started doing prep work for the film and that finally in January they called her back saying the investors had backed out.

You can view the full clip below where Fantasia talks a bit more about the situation, as well as her pregnancy and the state of her relationship with Cook.


  1. That’s an awesome pic of her! that yellow jacket is the business!

  2. Hey Fanny should have thought about all of this before she started an affair with a married man. Wendy kind of put her on blast too. I say good for her I am not considering Fanny feeling but the feelings of that mans wife and children. Lets see how she feel when he does the same to her because it will happen sooner than she think. What goes around comes around and Mahilya Jackson was a great legend and looked up to in the gospel christian Area and Fanny is not a good fit considering her situation but we will see what happens. But in my opinion I agree Fanny needs to get her life in order and gets some character and integrity before she even consider such roles of strong christian women.

  3. @ItIsWhatItIs,

    I agree 100%! People think image doesn’t matter as much anymore, as once did but in some instances it does. Was Mahalia Jackson perfect? I’m sure she wasn’t, but Ultimately she STOOD FOR strong Christian values. I’m sure Fantasia would say she is a strong Christian, but you will ALWAYS be judged by your Actions dear, whether you want to be or not. KNOWINGLY, sleeping with and procreating with a married man does not exemplify strong Christian values on ANY level.

    (1) Thou shalt not covet that which belongs to your neighbor (*another woman’s husband*) and
    (2) Thou shalt not commit adultery (*sleeping with that woman’s husband*) are two WELL KNOWN commandments that come to mind. Words to live by for those who ACTUALLY stand by the Christian values they expouse.

  4. ANONYMOUS & IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!! COSIGNED!! As I’ve always stated another woman tears today will very well be yours tomorrow!! Dude is milking her cash..hell she will be singing until she 80…God forgive me and forgive these selfish people that ripped people homes to pieces!!!

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