Fantasia Unveils Album Cover


Though Fantasia’s 4th album, ‘The Side Effects of You,’ has been pushed back and has no official release date, that hasn’t stopped the R&B beauty from releasing its cover.

Fantasia unveiled the cover earlier this week via her Twitter page, but did add that the album would be “coming to a store near you soon.”

Fantasia Barrino copy.inddThe album’s first single, ‘Lose to Win,’ hasn’t fared very well on charts, but has sold just over 50,000 digital copies according to Nielsen Soundscan.

The video for ‘Lose to Win’ was shot back in January, but it too appears to have no official release date.

And in another bit of Fanny news, the singer is not very happy with the image Jet magazine used of her recently on their cover. Fantasia tweeted her frustration, basically saying Jet owes her an apology and that they purposely didn’t use a new image she sent them because they wanted to send a message about her that is false.

You can read more about that Twitter tiff, here.


  1. For me, the cover is reminiscent of the 30s and 40s and puts me in the mind, of the likes, of Sara Vaughan, and Billie Holiday, for some inexplicable reason…just the cover. Sara Vaughan and Billie Holiday are in a class all by themselves. But, the photo is very beautiful.

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80s 4ever!!


  2. I like the album cover and it does remind me of the 40’s era.

    SN: Sorry to go off topic but I find it ironic that no one says anything about the obvious difference in this woman’s dark chocolate skintone from years ago (Jet) to her current one/s (album cover and video posted). I say this because ppl are so quick to say Rihanna, Beyonce, for example lighten their skin tone when they obviously started their careers and have always been “red” black girls, but someone like Fantasia (Nikki Minaj, Lil Kim etc. to add to the list) who was OBVIOUSLY and non-arguably, a pretty dark skinned individual, and no one notices? Just a thought….

  3. @John

    I hadn’t notice and I’m always on youtube playing her videos. I, personally don’t accuse celebrities of bleaching because I know lighting and makeup can greatly differ for some people. But, I know chemical peels and skin lighteners have exploded within the black community. I’ve had chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion and if you do a series on a regular basis, your skin will lighten, not my reason for having it done…but, I can believe Fantasia may have…there is a big difference…but as long as someone takes care of their skin using sunscreen SPF 30 or fry…it’s a choice.

    Love the retro 40s photos…for Fantasia, they were probably too ornate for a Jet Cover…but, as for the Jet diss…”this too shall pass”…she doesn’t make the money as other artists and money talks, even without knowing the back-story!

  4. Lose To Win is nice song!! Very uplifting!! Great job Fantasia!! Real Music! As far as the magazine cover I am just glad a brown sista is on the cover! I will say this they damn sho would not have done that if it would have been beyonce or alicia keys! believe that!

  5. @Cynthinia- Very true, and I actually wouldn’t have accused her of it because I to have had those same procedures done and they can/will lighten your skin naturally BUT she a few shades lighter and a drastic difference. I’m sure when she got in the business she “learns” all these new beauty tricks, but I just think it’s odd that those two names mentioned always get accused of it.

  6. @ JOHN photoshop and lighting…and maybe just maybe as Cynthinia posited, microdermabrasion, peels, oh and a good diet and lotsa water… ??? lol

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