Fantasia’s New Reality Series

Fantasia As previously announced, American Idol winner and platinum-selling R&B artist Fantasia is set to star in her own VH1 reality show. We now have the details and the premiere date — check the press release below.

VH1 will give viewers a close-up view into the complex, touching and surprisingly relatable life of recording artist, actress and American Idol winner Fantasia. The series follows Fantasia as she juggles her career and single-motherhood while devoting her energy into recording her highly anticipated third album. The 8 episode, 30-minute docu-series Fantasia For Real is slated to premiere January 11, 2010 at 10PM on VH1.

Six years ago, Fantasia was a young single mother from High Point, North Carolina singing in her church choir and struggling to raise her daughter, Zion. On a whim, she tried out for the third season of American Idol, and seemingly overnight the world discovered Fantasia’s tremendous voice. Five years and 8 Grammy® Award nominations later, life couldn’t look more different for Fantasia. Her first album, Free Yourself, was a platinum-selling, chart-topping success, bringing her wealth, fame, and recognition as an accomplished artist. Fantasia has worked with many music industry legends, including Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, and Missy Elliot. In 2007 Fantasia was chosen to star as Celie in the acclaimed Broadway musical The Color Purple. Her book Life is Not a Fairy Tale made the New York Times bestseller list, and she also starred in a made-for-television movie based on her life.
As Fantasia’s fame has grown, her personal life has increasingly become more complicated. The sole breadwinner for her large family, Fantasia struggles to balance career, family, and the demanding life of a highly successful performing artist. Fantasia’s VH1 series delves into how she has dealt with the seismic aftershocks of fame, all while managing the daily demands of life on the road and writing and recording new music that will connect with her fans.
“Fantasia has engaged millions of fans not only through her music and her amazing talent but also by her incredible fairytale life story,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Original Programming & Production, VH1. “Our audience helped Fantasia become an American Idol and now, with this series, they get a backstage pass into her real life as she confronts obstacles to realize her true potential as an artist, a mother, a daughter and a sister.”
Viewers can catch a sneak peek of the season’s first episode on – several days before the on-air premiere. Subsequent episodes will be available on the morning after they air. Additional video content from Fantasia For Real including extras from each episode will be available on and on VH1 Mobile throughout the season.
The series is executive produced by Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell, and Jeremy Simmons for World of Wonder. Executive producers for VH1 are Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly and Jeff Olde.



  1. Can’t wait to see it. She has the power to be an R&B star but seems like she loses focus sometimes. She was MAGNIFICENT in Color Purple on Broadway!

  2. Lose focus sometimes LOL …she needs a new manager this young lady has great potential and a voice that is out of this world. Whomever she had when she first started out that who she needs to go back to. Her clothes and hair was fab! She went to Atlantic hook up with Young Dro..and went left!!


    I’m sorry but Fantasia is pure trash, I hate they way she tatted up her body, wearing her red, blue and purple hair..She’s too hood for me..But however, she is a good singer with good potential, she just has very poor marketing skills.

  4. i love tasia. she has overcome a lot of things and it will be interesting to see how she goes about her daily life.

  5. I like Fantasia. I love her energy, her confidence and her story. I really feel “sorry” (if I can say that word)for celebrities like Fantasia. Why you say? Cause she has talent, I am talking about a real special talent, not “booty” (Vida Guera), sex tape (Hilton/Kardashian),etc… She appeared on the scene as a winner of American Idol.You really have to know how to sing to win that show but you also have to be nice, charismatic to draw people to vote for you every single week. So I know she is trying to go back and reach to the public, her fans but it’s hard because these days famewh-o-r-e-s grab the headlines (for all the wrong reasons) and it’s hard for legitimate talents to get attention.

    So for that sake, I will be watching her and hopefully from that she will get new support for her future endeavors.

  6. 🙁
    Another “reality” show AND it’s on the forever Minstrel Circuit supporting network VH1… I’ll pass, for I’m not into coonery and hood ish.

    I do hope she has gotten herself together though. It was disappointing to hear her house went into foreclosure but Simon helped her out, that she went M.I.A. from her role in The Color Purple and is it true she’s engaged to a married man now? I thought she was still with that rapper Young Dro?

    I was never a fan and w/ all that going on… she sounded too much of trainwreck for me to even care about but she can sing and I hope she takes recognition to the position and blessing The Lord has given to her and that she does right by God, her child & herself.

  7. I love Fantasia, this show will help her career, since the music business is 90% marketing now. As it’s helping Monica (can’t wait for her new cd), just the times we live in, Youtube, VH1, etc. Her look has been much better lately, she needs to keep a good stylist on payroll, keep reaching out to young girls, especially, teen moms and don’t over scream as she did in the Chaka Tribute, it’s going to eventually damage her vocals. Her Patti tribute was perfection, screams and all!

    I almost forget how young Fantasia is after being in the business for a minute now. So, I believe she’ll continue to grow and will remain a fan favorite because she always brings the heat, soul and emotion to her music and live performances, in which I greatly appreciate!

  8. Love Fantasia voice and she can SANG when she’s not screaming (I know the difference from yelling and a note). But I hate to say this but her music was just too urban and didn’t appeal to some of her fans she captured on American Idol.
    @COCO- You USED to have to know how to sing to win AI not so much anymore.

  9. Hope she gets it together.

    @Nne, Tasia said that Simon didn;t help her out. That was just a rumour.

  10. I’ll pass on this one. I jus hope VH1 (who is affiliated with mtv and BET) does not degrade her and black ppl with yet another reality show. Whatever happened to Video Hits 1 when they use to play music video’s and good ones at that? now everything is all reality shows?? thumbs down!

  11. KSH u right! She does lose focus. Tated up and everything else…she aint really ready for the spotlight. But Ima watch that show for entertainment purposes.

  12. Fantasia is an illiterate ugly azz homewrecker… Plain and simple. She tatted her nasty tits with another woman’s man’s name and they live together. I will not watch anything she is associated with cuz she’s nothing but a trashy tramp who can’t read. Maybe that’s why that stuff happened with her house… She didn’t know the correct numbers to write on the check to pay her mortgage… HA… Dumb azz bytch

  13. is this the answer to tanking careers now?

    @ STEFANY,

    aye, what’s wrong w/ purple & blue hair? I’ve got yellow myself… ^_^

  14. i cant belive these coments people are leaving thats just not right we all have secrets and thinngs we are not proud of but judgement is not for us forgiveness is for us please we as black americains need not to be so harsh when we areself arnt perfect can you stand befor god blame less? please people be real stop haten it stink in your emails u can tell hatyer it ozzzez ot them this world is full of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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