Farrah Franklin Talks DC Reunion

In an interview with Vibe.com, former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin says she would be open to a possible reunion with the other girls… as long as compatibility was a guarantee. “I’m really a personable person and I would just want everyone to get along. Little Farrah has a lot on her shoulders and all I ask is happiness in return and for it to be fun,” she says. “There’s so many different personalities and it’s been a long time, so you just don’t know. I would be cool with everyone, I have no problems, but it’s not about just me. There’s five other people.” At the moment Farrah says no one from the group has approached her with an offer to reunite and that so far it is only a rumor that she herself has read on gossip blogs.

As you all might remember, Farrah joined DC back in 2000 along with Michelle Williams but was let go the same year amid rumors of her missing shows and having a bad attitude. Today Farrah says she is happy and only does “light singing” in between trying to get her acting career off the ground.

Farrah recently starred in the independent film Single Black Female and says she is now working on the sequel.



  1. I don’t see a possible reunion for DC at least with Farrah In It I mean it’s not like she was In the group long enough for her to be reunited with DC…but she’s a beautiful girl I can see her acting though!

  2. I agree $ignature BARBIE. I think if there was a reunion- and I doubt there will be- Farrah would be the only one not to get an invitation. She came and went in less than 3 months.

  3. Stick to acting Farrah trust me you don’t a DC reunion.

  4. The only girls I would like to see for a possible reunion would be Kelly, Michelle and Beyoncé.

  5. Tne only reuniation (yeah i know that is not a word) that should be going down is between the original four members.

    Letoya would prolly be down but Latavia I think really likes her privavcy and tends not to say a word and I hear she is writing a book about her life. She ain’t interested in a Destiny Child reunion.

  6. Wow I forgot about her being in the group. Wish her luck, with whatever shes doing.

  7. A reunion? Word? How long has it been since the group broke up?

  8. I read this somewhere else and didn’t even read your article at all because all I wanna say is, SHE SOUNDS EXTREMELY STUPID!!!

  9. If they didn’t go on the WHOLE journey and end with Destiny’s Child, none of them should speak of a reunion.

  10. Drop the whole idea of a reunion,You should even forget the Whole destiny’s child Fiasco, They did you wrong, You left, You’re still alive, End of the story.

  11. The whole purpose of DC was to BLOW UP Beyonce a.k.a sasha fierce a.k.a Imitate & Duplicate a.k.a Illuminati’s career smh

  12. Lol this bitch is a triflin ho!! DC reunion means B, Kelly, Michelle! Wtf is Farrah thinking?!!? lmfaoo!!

  13. Might as well foget about a reunion. No one made it to the end besides Kelly and she having a hard time now getting her album off the ground, lol. Farrah must be kidding

  14. No i heard the orginal 4 plus michelle. That would be nice. But if latavia coming out with a book. I be the first one to buy it.

  15. If anyone would see a DC reunion it would be, B, Kelly, Michelle and Latoya. Sorry to the other girls

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