Farrah Franklin’s New Movie

Farrah Franklin You all remember Farrah Franklin don’t you? She, along with Michelle Williams, were brought in to take the place of LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson who had been kicked out of the group Destiny’s Child. Less than three months after joining Destiny’s Child however, Farrah was shown the door as well. Since leaving the group Farrah has kept a relatively low profile aside from appearing in a few videos here and there and posing in a Black men’s magazines. Farrah however is ready to make her mark in the world of acting and is starring in the low budget straight to DVD thriller, Single Black Female. You can check out the trailer for the film on the next page and word is Farrah wrote and produced the film herself.

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  1. I can’t see the trailer because it is blocked on this computer, but I love checking out independent films so I might rent it, if it is available at my local blockbuster.

  2. If she wrote and produced the film herself then I say WTG Farrah!

  3. Hmm. I can’t say I wouldn’t watch it. She looks like she’d be a good video VJ or something on BET or MTV.

  4. They really should put this on BET cuz I’m really tired of the “Baby Boy” reruns over and over again. If BET showed it, there’s a greater chance that I would see the movie, than renting it at Blockbuster. We need to support our black entrepreneurs, so BET need to do what they need to be doing what they should have already been doing. “Baby Boy” done already got they money; what about the lower budgeted Black film companies?

  5. Kudos to her for writing it…if she did write it. Don’t know that I’ll ever rent it, but kudos for getting on your ‘movie-producing’ grind, Farrah. :brownsista:

  6. Farrah is a very beautiful lady, i will be supporting her carreer. When Hollywood don;t come calling you make it happen.

  7. You go girl doing your thang let support farrah i rent it when it comes out.

  8. Props to her for putting her own money into something she created. I hope she gains back what she put in plus more.
    I love to see a black woman doing big thangs.

  9. At least she’s doing something. I met her a long time ago beautiful person in side and out but……what happened to her singing career. She said she was trying to do an album but hey…… we win some and we lose some I guess. But very very nice person. I wish the best for her.

  10. Shoot, Kelly and Michelle better take note. They both need side hustles right about now! 😆

  11. Ummmm…… is this not “Single White Female” with black people in it????? Dont get me wrong I respect her grind but I am a songwriter and I would hate for someone to add “the” to one of my songs and then say they wrote it. That is wrong and I dont care who does it. Is originality a myth now????? :stop:

  12. I big her up for having the guts to really put herself out there for criticism (and praise). I also met a her a while ago in ATL and she really is very nice and surprisingly sweet. I enjoy independent films; the writers and directors have more freedom and so they’re usually better then most mainstream movies. I would give this one a chance too, maybe it will live up to Motives, Trois, Eve’s Bayou, She’s Gotta Have It, etc; it’s always good to see fresh faces on the screen. However, I hope she comes correct, and not make a fool out of herself.

  13. I like Farrah- good luck to her in all she plans on doing and is doing. Personally, I don’t think I could sit through that movie (it was hard just finishing up that trailer) but hopefully that movie is just a small step into doing much better and bigger things.

  14. I like the trailer,it looks exciting and possabilly a good flim.but we need to support our beautiful black actoristis who are trying to make it into this biz ,let us get behind our lovely :brownsista: ‘s and let them know they have our love support
    you go Farrah,I wish you continued sucess in the future :thumbsup: : :hifive: :dance1:

  15. Farrah is stunning. This looks like one of those B movies. Definitely something I wouldn’t rent or purchase. But I wish her the best of luck.

  16. The movie looks like something me and my friends will watch when we wanna laugh and make fun of something/someone. We rent B, C, D & F films all the time just for the laughs 😆 . She’s trying to do something positive so…. I wish her well.

  17. That shit is awful. The acting, the directing, writing…everything. She needs to get real with herself and know she isn’t a talented entertainer. Find something else to do. She was only put in DC for her looks. Go back to being a groupie.

  18. Bootleg production but I like supported ex-destiny child members.

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