Fashionista 101 Interview

In these days of swagger jackin, I can vouch to you that Shanteé is one sista who definitely has swag of her own. As the face behind Fashionista 101, one of the hottest fashion sites to hit the Net, Shanteé constantly combines her creativity with her perfected eye for what’s hot. Keeping her readers fashion forward by highlighting the latest trends, Shanteé has become the go to girl when it comes to all things fashion. This love of fashion is taking Shanteé to new heights as seen by the launch of her new online boutique, “Klassiq.” Shanteé is simply a true “fashionista” in every sense, and a “fashionista” who is not afraid to go after her dreams.

Onetta: When did your love for fashion begin?

Shanteé: I’ve always been in love with fashion, but the “fashionista” in me really started showing when I was in high school. Although Jordan sneakers, Uptowns, and Timberlands were my faves back then, I still kept my look clean, and I color coordinated everything. I also have to give my mother a lot of praise. She was a “fashionista” way before I came into this world! Unless she’s at the gym, you’ll never catch that lady in

Onetta: How would you describe your own fashion style or what could one expect to find in Shanteé closet?

Shanteé: In my closet, you’ll find plenty of basics and anything that compliments an hourglass figure, like scoop-neck tops, tanks, blazers, skinny jeans, and platform pumps. I’m very into trends, but I’m pretty much a minimalist, so you may find only one of everything in my closet; one pair of ripped jeans, one leopard print piece, a few studs here and there.

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