Fall ’08 Trend Sneak Peek: Peep-Toe Ankle Booties

celebs-b by you.

Brown Sista celebs like Keri Hilson and Solange have been sporting this style since last winter. It’s no wonder that other celebs like Ashanti, Rihanna, Eve, Lauren London, and others joined in on the style craze. Peep-toe booties are both funky and fab. So, to help you stay on top of your style game this fall, without breaking the bank, I’ve added a few reasonably priced selections…

look for less by you.

shoes by you.

steals by you.

* Here’s a closer look at Keri & Solange’s booties. Keri’s are hott!!

* Here’s the direct link to Forever21’s shoe section.


  1. My Faves Are::
    1. The Zebra Print
    2. The $270 Snakeskin Marciano’s
    3. The Beige Buckled Platforms from F21
    4. The Gucci ‘Newton’
    5. The Givenchy’s

  2. Ashanti and Keri are rockin’ their peeptoe booties 😉 and dang !! i luv that Gucci Newton’ bootie 🙂

  3. This is a style I haven’t been particularly fond it. Something about it is just odd to me. Ashanti, Kerri and Solange all look like their feet are slowly being swallowed up. Rihanna’s are a tad bit better because the whole top of the foot is not covered. Because of that I think my favorite type of this shoe would be one where a little bit more of the actual foot is seen. The Giuseppe Zanotti pair would be my choice were I to wear a shoe-boot like this.

  4. This is one trend, that I will not be partaking in. 🙁 Love the post though 🙂

  5. Ditto. This style of shoe is just weird. Solange and Kerri’s feel look terrible. Your eye goes straight to their feet and that’s not cute.

  6. Shoe booties are better suited for the catwalk rather than the sidewalk. This style of shoe or boot doesn’t look good on the average woman. This style looks much better on a very tall woman because it instantly makes you look a few feet shorter and no woman wants that.And of all the ladies I have seen sport this look Rihanna pulled it off the best but not by much. Her 5’9 frame can handle the shoe but people like Ashanti especially look very bad. That shoe added 5 pounds to already thick thighs.

  7. I really don’t like these shoes with skirts, I would wear them with work slacks or straight let jeans…….but that’s just me.

  8. The shoes are cute. It looks like Rhianna and Solange should have switched their shoes. I guess you would wear these in the Fall time, instead of Summer. I would think your feet would be too hot for the Summer.

  9. Some of the shoes are really cute but I definitely wouldn’t break the bank in order to buy them. These shoes are clearly a trend– ‘in’ today, ‘out’ tomorrow. Remember ladies, splurge on classic items, save on trendy.

  10. @ UnalteredBeauty – You think just like me. Splurge on things that will last, Like my couches, dinning room set certain clothing items. But when it comes to “trends” or a “Fad” I will by a knock off brand in a minute….. AND IT STILL LOOKS GOOD 🙂

  11. Luvin’ the Giuseppes! Just order those Steve Maddens- can’t wait ’til fall!!

  12. I’m not too keen on ‘booties’, let alone ‘peep toes’. 🙁 But if I had to choose, I’d say the Gucci’s get my vote (and the knockoffs by default).

  13. I am really loving this trend right now! I think its fresh. I’ve seen so many people rock this shoe so many different ways. Its versatile, fun and funky. Its my must-have for the fall.

  14. I really like some of them but not all of them, I would wear them but I won’t break my neck (or my pockets) to get them. They do seem to fit with the fall fashions, you know because sometimes fall wheather can be warm or cool so they fit in pretty well.

  15. I love the booties im going to order them in lemon-drop to match my jacket i got. Fashionista101 you doing good work on here. Keep that fashion coming.

  16. Whose Idea was it to have peep toe ankle boots? WTF? The only person I can see rocking these and getting away with it is Prince.

  17. this look is not new! I am 36 yrs old! this look was hot in the early 90’s now its back! people kill me w/this so called new style stuff… get old enough & u will find out that fashion is not new just recycled..

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