F101’s Fall Fashion Musts – Part 1

contrast outfits by you.

I love “laid-back” looks. One way to spice them up, of course, is to throw on a nice pair of heels. But, to make the look “official”, wear a bright colored jacket, with an all black ensemble. The contrast that the burst of color creates, helps you to make an amazing statement, and keep your outfit from looking dead.

* Bright jackets can also, of course, be worn with pieces besides black, but keep the “wow factor” at a minimum, since a jacket is such a large part of the outfit.


* Finish your outfit off with pieces like these, that will still look great, after the jacket is removed.

contrast outfits-b by you.

super skinny jeans by you.

Skinny jeans are an amazing trend, that look great on any size. They give the outfit a more feminine, sexier look.

* Plus size: pair your skinnies with a flowy top, like the one on the model. Baby-doll tops, and tunic tees also go great with these jeans — just make sure you get a nice size, because the bigger, the bulkier, and that we don’t want! Adding a pair of pumps to the mix never hurts.

high-heeled mary janes by you.

High-heeled MJ’s are one of Fall ’08s hottest shoe trends! Whether you get a plain pair like Solange’s, or an edgy buckled pair (top), these heels come off boldly glamorous!

fitted blazers by you.

Menswear-inspired pieces are a major part of fashion. And, fitted blazers give women a chance to be more versatile, yet still look feminine.

* For a more stylish look, roll the sleeves up and rock it with a fitted tee, like Jada.

belted looks by you.

Elise has got it all right in this belted BeBe dress. Pairing a belted dress with dark, opaque stockings and matching accessories looks both, conservative and stylish.

* I recommend a smaller belt, rather than a large one, with a huge buckle!

motorcycle jackets by you.

I don’t think these will ever go out of style. Especially now, when the “edgy-look” is in. Motorcyle jackets go well with everything from flats to pumps, and boots to sneakers — so don’t limit yourself to one look.

* Motorcycle jackets are great “everyday” jackets. Pair them with a chic scarf, for the fall.

black jeans by you.

Black jeans are a definite wardrobe staple, but I hate how rare it is to find them. You have to spend way too much for just one pair, so stock up on your Woolite detergent!


* View more Fall ’08 Shoe Trends.


  1. I need those Fendi boots in my life! Aww…I love Mary Janes! I’m going to do the contrasting and get some color sueded pumps! Nice post.

  2. Those Mary Janes are all that. Black jeans however have always seemed kinda dorky to me and skinny jeans with pumps jumps looks cheap, like something Mariah Carey would do.

  3. Thare are so many women out here who can be covered in these fashion features. Mary J. Blige comes to mind cause she has been a urban fashionista for years. Erykah Badu would also make a great choice as would Kelis who you don’t like but you must admit she has changed up her style over the years quite a bit and raised a few eyebrows. Keyshia Cole has upped her style game quite a bit too. She’s not a great dresser but she has chenged her look a lot and looks better for it. Kelly Rowland is so uinderrated but look at her transformation over the years and she always dresses so nicely. Ciara is a whole new person since she first hit the scene. She was once a tomboy but is now about to be a fashion model. Rihanna is the obvious choice for everything these days but overexposure is setting in on her and fast.

  4. I’ve done posts featuring Keyshia Cole, Ciara, and Kelly Rowland before. Check the rest of my BrownSista posts.

    …Everyone knows Mary can dress, and Kelis was once a good dresser. But, Erykah?

    * Keep in mind that fashion depends on the latest trends, so if the celeb is not in the public eye, it’s hard to use them in something that’s current.

  5. I agree Rihanna is overexposed, but you’ve got to admit her fashion game is on point! Is it her fault that the camera loves her, and her stylist is fab???

  6. Great job Fashionista, I feel you on the black jeans being hard to find. Keep in mind you can’t please everyone up in here so please cont. to do what you are doing in providing great fashion to us.

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