Get the Look:: Gabrielle Union


Gabrielle Union was spotted last week, outside of her hotel, in New York City. She wore a strapless dress by Corey Lynn Calter, and the very stylish Louis Vuitton ‘Mahina’ bag.


                         Wanna look summer-sophisticated like Gabby? Here’s a layout of similar styles…



  1. Gabby is rocking that fit! Gotta go ti Me need those leather snakeskin Britta pumps!

  2. You all should take your children too see that new Eddie Murphy picture. It is such a great family picture. They advertised that picture all wrong. If they had advertised that picture the way it really was and is more people would have been interested. Being Dave I think that is the name of it. I had too check it our before I took my nieces and nephews too see it.

  3. Loves this chick… but I’m waiting to see her on a bad day. Of course it’s not like I’m praying for it or nothing… be she is always beautiful…

  4. Looking absolutely Gabulous! I thought the arketing and timing if the film may have thrown off the numbers. But, Hollywood isn’t worried about promoting anything black. They just want to meet the quota and move on to the next dumb white overhyped blockbuster.

  5. It’s amazing how close the similar look is to Gabrielle’s. Most important is how much less it costs and yet still looks great. Truly there is no reason to waste a fortune on name brand stuff when you can find the same things but “off” designers.

  6. I love the dress
    i like people that manage to be well dressed and use their money for other purposes than show off
    good job Gabi we love you
    ps: ” meet dave ” is a no no for me

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