Matthew Williamson for H&M (Summer Collection)

If you haven’t yet received the chance to view Matthew Williamson’s H&M collection — here it is! Matthew decided to use a lot of butterfly and peacock pieces and prints to make his collection unique. The collection is very colorful, trendy, and exciting. My fave designs are: the first dress, which is sequined all over, and the silk jumpsuit, which can be worn to the knees, or ankles. However, unlike Christian Siriano’s upcoming Payless shoe collection, Matthew’s collection will not be cheap.

The silk jumpsuit that I love so much costs £150 (…that’s $217 in US money!), and the sequined dress (my ultimate fave) costs $200!! LMAO! I guess I’ll just be purchasing a scarf.

The collection is set to hit all H&M stores on April 23rd.



  1. Yes i love the dress too and the jumper it have my name all over it. Let me find out H&M going expensive. I know they fell off with there accessories. I uses to rack up in there.

  2. I’m lovin’ all the pieces! dang i can’t wait til i can afford this kind of stuff! lol

  3. Lovin all of it! I’m gettin that jumpsuit. I really like the outfit.

    I was waiting for another fashion update ova here! THANX :thumbsup:

  4. Hey fashionista we missed ya around here, Unfortunately for my wallet i love every single piece that you handpick and you beter believe i am getting all of the items on the pink and floral section

  5. I do not like jumpsuits lmao I don’ t, but the pink floral dress is mine

  6. This is an great preview…I love the colors and the peacock clutch. too kewt. :brownsista:

  7. I love this line , does anyone know which H&M will be carrying the line ?

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