Style Stealer: Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole

                                        ashanti vs keyshia by you.

Ashanti celebrated her bday bash on Monday night, at Area Nightclub, in West Hollywood, CA. Tons of celebs (mostly D-Z listers) came out to be a part of the festivities, which was surprising because I didn’t see anyone there, except for Tamala Jones and Meagan Good, that would be friends of hers. Anywho — she wore a pink and black Marchesa dress, with a pair of black suede pumps, which are so classic, and a definite must for this fall’s fashion trends. Keyshia Cole also [apparently] celebrated her bday that night, along with Ashanti, and has worn the same style of Marchesa dress to this year’s BET Awards, back in June, with a pair of black Manolo Blahnik ‘PEPE’ sandals (see below photos).

So whose style of dress do you prefer? Ashanti in pink and black, or Keyshia in black and gold? You decide.



  1. LOL. i haven’t tried yet. i been sleeping all day, so i gotta get some work done. and i have to get ready for school in like an hour! i’ll sleep on the bus. LOL

  2. Ok, I am officially going to bed now, I have updated the site which means I can basically do nothing for the rest of today. 😆

  3. I think Ashanti will take this one. Keyshia has on those stockings and it is just taking away from the the dress and is distracting.

  4. I’m not crazy about either look either, but I’m gonna go with Ashanti. I agree with Fe about Keyshia’s stockings…all wrong!

  5. Keyshia’s stockings kills the outfit…nice dress on both of them though.

  6. I think Ashanti looks the best and it’s because of the pink. And also, she isn’t wearing granny-support hose like Ms. Keyshia. I agree with Jay, it takes away from the outfit….should’ve sported a bare leg. :brownsista:

  7. :brownsista: Both ladies are very beautiful and i like the dresses.

  8. Both are attractive, I think it may depend on the event they are attending.

  9. Keyshia looks better. but not a bare leg…she should have just worn a closed toe shoe.

  10. I don’t particularly like the dress..BUT I would have to say Keyshia in the black and gold looks better.
    I think Ashanti’s makeup and hair kinda of threw me off from the dress.

  11. Ashanti! I like the longer length and :iagree: Keyshia’s stockings ruined it :noway:

  12. I like Ashanti’s dress better….The length is nice and the color….But they bof (both) look nice :brownsista:

  13. I like Ashanti’s better and Keyshia could have done without the stockings.

  14. I like Keyshia’s dress minus those stockings. It just looks a little more classy to me with the gold. The pink just makes me think of Rainbow or Body Central. something like that.

  15. i dont like the outfit much but i do think ashanti wears it better…it looks a little slutty on keyshia lol :lol2:

  16. Ashanti once again I just love Pink on a grown woman gives you a “child-woman” kinda inocence and cute ness :thumbsup:

  17. I have to agree, I like Ashanti’s better….I think Keyshia would have killed it minus the hose and with different shoes.


  18. Ashanti looks better, the stockings on Keyshia ruined it. But Keyshia’s shoes look much better with the dress.

  19. of course keyshia is rocking that dress..its official on here..

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