Fatima Robinson Dances Her Way to Fox


Fox Orders New Series About Fatima Robinson

A new series based on the career of Fatima Robinson is coming to Fox next fall. The famed choreographer, best known for her work with artists like Aaliyah (Try Again + Rock the Boat) and Michael Jackson (Remember the Time), will see her rise to stardom chronicled via a one-hour weekly drama titled Take It From the Top.

According to online reports, the series will transport fans back to the heyday of nineties hip-hop as Fatima struggled to make a name for herself in a mostly male-dominated industry. NCIS: Los Angeles writer Joseph C. Wilson and Abdul Williams (New Edition Story) have reportedly been tapped to pen the pilot episode.

No casting choices have been announced, but you guys know me, I already have a short list prepared.

1. Nicole Beharie: This sista can sing, act, and dance. She has yet to appear in anything that calls on all three of her talents, but I’m not giving up hope.

2. Teyana Taylor: We all know Teyana can dance her ass off. I’m not as familiar with her acting chops, but given the fact that she’s been cast in quite a few shows and movies as of late, I think she could probably handle herself in this role.

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  1. Awesome, she is deserving of recognition. Such a talent.
    Nicole as Fatima definitely.

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