Fear Is A MotherF**ker

Fear. Fear is a motherf****. It can prevent you from following your hopes and dreams, it can keep you stagnant in your life. It can harness your very soul and bring about bitterness and lack of zest for living. The shit can keep you up at night. I am a woman who wants great things for my life and my family. I FEAR that those things may never come to be. I am going to share some of the things that I fear. In doing this I am releasing them to the universe to be discarded. I no longer want to have the burden of holding on to these things because I have somehow found security in them. It is as if, if I continue to have these fears then I never need to …..

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  1. dang its like you’re reading my journal or something. its definitely an eye opener for me to see that I’m not the only one…. man i need to pray!!!

  2. I fear growing old and not being able to enjoy the love of a woman again. I fear losing my job and not being able to support my family. i fear you ask me to get off this blog because it is for women only, men are just to closed to write what they think.

  3. wow Bigwill57 i empathize completely, though no one is too old for love, i believe 🙂
    Do not be afraid of getting kicked out from this blog. As long as you are honest and respectful, you have nothing to be scared of. There are other “men” on here who seem to always want to contend with the women on this blog, and its so wrong and crazy because we don’t do like that, you know… Anyway, i hope things get better for you.

  4. I fear what where I’ll be in the next 4years or so. I’m chasing my dream and I’ll have to move to another state. I’ll be far from my family & friends and I dont know how I’ll do…

  5. @tutu same here lol. I was like damn im 35 yrs old i was scared to step out my zone. But i have ideas and dreams that im going make come true. just live comfortable and stress free.

  6. @bigwill you going to love again believe it. It might be under your nose and do not know it. As far as your job keep doing what you do. As far as you being on this blog welcome.

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