Feeling A Bit Nostalgic: Brandy & Wanye Morris

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  1. This is one of my favorite Brandy songs. Thanks for that Stephanie! I was just telling my husband last night I wish I could go back to the ’90s. Times were better then!

  2. my god!….this is the brandy i remember…music back then was so simple yet beautiful i always loved this song…

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!
    Stephenie I love this song ever since I was little. I stumbled upon this song again three months ago and have had it on repeat ever since…lol

  4. this is one of my favourite songs from two of my favourite singers. i like this song very much. back in the 90’s……ahh the memories. lol. but this is a certified jam. shoot i hope her new album is full of all-time jams.

  5. Nostalgic, nostalgic, nostalgic is my middle name. Man, where is my time machine???!!!??? I just need to get away and return to my 80s. I wish my yesteryears could be my tomorrows. I feel a sense of melancholy when I think about my yesterdays. A time so simple and joyous with its’ feel good music. The beginning of The MTV/video era. A time when we had more than our share of real artists/music. A time when you didn`t grow tired of the music. A time when music was truly nourishment for the human spirit/soul.

    Today, my soul is malnourished from the void that my yesterdays so adequately filled. Yesterday, yesteryear where have you, my friend, gone? I`m like Sampson without his Delilah, Romeo without his Juliet. I`m like Malcolm without his Betty, Martin without his Coretta. I `m like Ashford without his Simpson, Will without his Jada. The 80s, my yesterdays, will never be replaced..

    On another note, another site posted the question, “which decade would you mostly likely want to return or visit?” Of course I said my 80s. However, after that I would love to travel back in time to The 30s and 40s. A time when the sistas had such flare and elegance. A time when women dressed like women in all their fur while sporting fabulous finger waves that made them o so sexy. A time of the great bands with the dazzling horns as the music moved you. A time of the famous “Cotton Club”. Yeah, I wouldn`t mind traveling to this time.

    We don`t have anything on the 30s and 40s. They had such style and grace unlike any other. If I could just get past the racial tension of those times I would love to go back, meet and talk to Dorothy Dandridge and Billie Holiday among others.

    But, there`s the #1 person who I would loved to have talked to. This person is none other than Malcolm X. A who had a troubled childhood and who was eventually caught up in a life of crime . Crime that inevitably sent him to prison where he would undergo a tremendous metamorphosis. A place where he read the entire dictionary and mastered the English language. A man who only went to the 8th grade but yet confounded the so-called scholars of his time. This is a man who I call my hero and love dearly.

    Malcolm was a “BRILLIANT” man whom webster can not adequately define. If I could talk to him I would have to sit at his feet because I wouldn`t even be worthy to untie his shoelaces. I`d dare to say that none of us would be worthy, none….Even with our eurocentric education we would be found wanting. Once again, he only went to the 8th grade and some of us are college graduates. Malcolm`s intellect made him a giant in the truest sense of the word. His autobiography gives you such a detail look at this “BRILLIANT” man named Malcolm.

    Yeah, I would loved to have talked to him. I`m quite sure it would have been a learnin` experience.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  6. OMG, I am so glad you guys were feeling me on this. I loved the 90s. I loved Brandy and I loved Boys 2 Men. This song is one of my favorites from that decade. I can listen to it a million times and never tire of it.

  7. I loved that whole cd. It was just great. I loved that song. I cannot wait until her new cd comes out. I am defintaly going to buy it. :thumbsup:

  8. This is my JAM!

    (singing) Never thought I’ll be alone again, thats why I asked you to be my bestfriend (singing)

  9. Love this song. Brandy looks beautiful. Love 90s music. Love the simplicity of 90s videos. Love Wanye but love the other guy from Boyz II Men w/ the glasses even better (what can I say, I love nerds). That is all.

  10. the 90′ s was the shizzle the music had the power to change your mood from dark to light i miss it man:) i’ m tired of eye candy i am not a les-ian, so there is only so much i can take 🙁

  11. I used to love this song! This was when the songs had real sound, and real R&B! Thank you! :thumbsup: :hifive:

  12. This is my song, had to put it on my Ipod the other day….. How how I loved boyz II Men as well especially Wanya 🙂 , he was hot!!!!!
    But I agree with you guys, wish I could go back to the 90’s when music was something to dance to as well as freek to…lol … miss the 90’s… BRING THEM BACK PLS….. 🙁

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