Feeling A Bit Nostalgic

Video Removed


  1. THAT’S MY JAM!!!!!!!
    it takes a fool to learn (it takes a fool)
    That love don’t love nobody
    Steph you made my DAY wooooo That was good music !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well I always feel “NOSTALGIC” as you know and you know my fav decade/era. Oh yeah, the 80s be callin me. (a little ebonics, Lol!) Yeah Dave did his thang with this one. However, I still luv “Before I Let You Go” when he was part of “Blackstreet”. Such a shame that group didn`t last longer. They had such beautiful harmony, especially with “Before I Let You Go”. Today`s generation knows nothing about harmony…

    MJ & The 80s forever!!!

  3. I feel you on the Joe thing Stephanie! Though I did like the “Stutterin.” Everything else, blah.

  4. wpc that joe song is a CLASSIC since i got an ipod i always kept that song in it…its so pretty

  5. I remember this song. The gospel break at the beginning was amazing and did you guys notice Donell Jones singing in the back? I always thought the guys singing backup were so cute.

  6. Aww yall you brought me back!!!!!!!! i’m jammin in my seat yall

  7. Many people don’t know about Dave Hollister, but this brother can blow. Another sleeper is Donnell Jones..both from Chicago. Stand up 🙂

  8. I loved me some Dave Hollister!! Where is he now???
    Blackstreet was never the same without him.

    @ Prettylady818: I am in love with Donnell Jones!!! My favorite song from him is “Where I Wanna Be” I love that song. We need more men singing R & B, just like in the ’90s.

  9. Actually I’m 29 😆

    Dave Hollister just recently released a new album

    I love Donnell Jones! He is truly underrated and overlooked!

    I was never into Joe either

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