Fefe Dobson’s New Movie Role

Remember singer Fefe Dobson? No? Well don’t feel bad- you’re not the only one. After a very promising start in the music industry, Fefe found herself in between labels, eventually playing the background and allowing lesser artists (Selena Gomez) to record her material while she toured the underground circuit.

Looking to switch things up a bit, Fefe is now venturing off into movies.

According to published reports, the Canadian pop-rocker will star alongside Tatyana Ali in the independent film “Home Again.”

The movie tells the story of a group of young people who are raised abroad but deported back to their homeland of Jamaica, where they struggle to survive without family or support.

Filming begins in April and will be shot on location in Canada, Trinidad and Jamaica.


  1. Don’t forget that Def Jam dropped her and then jacked her style to give to Rihanna.

  2. ^^^Yup!

    Good luck to Fefe! She’s got fire, spunk, talent and beauty. The premise of this feature sounds interesting 🙂

  3. Jack what style? the girl was trying to do hard rock and forgot to remember she’s black. blacks are quick to welcome whites in their genre of music. whites are not welcome to blacks. I didn’t know a hair style could make a career. looking at her career that so call hair style did not work for her. FYI def Jam did not want rihanna to change her style,but she rebel fire everyone and start a fresh cut her hair without Def Jam approval and the rest is History. by the way, she resign with Def Jam because no one else wants her.

  4. The idea of the movie sounds decent. A lot of people could relate. Just hope it’s good. I know tatyana ali has trinity roots…..so does fefe have Jamaican roots? Ahh just wondering.

    @the person above me
    Really? It’s a known fact black people started rock and roll music. And rihanna basically picked up where def jam dropped fefe off. I noticed when she came back that she was a bit more pop-ish though. Kinda went against her original flow but oh well. Good luck either way.

  5. @ Moses NOpe you are WRONG the First post is right Rihanna COMPLETELY copied Fe fe Dobson’s style with the GGGB Era!

    Wish Fe Fe all the BEST!

  6. huh what’s with the Rihanna talk??

    Anyways, wish Fefe Dobson well- I think she’s really pretty and talented, it’s just that labels/people want to be able to box artists in so it’s hard for some of them to branch out.

    With that said, I do think that the youth appreciate multi culturalism..think about the Black Eyed Peas or even LMFAO…it’s just a matter of how it’s ‘packaged’.

  7. Oh just read the very first comment lol. To be honest, I think it would be naive to not assume that could be true, as I said before, it’s like labels have certain demographics the target and will shape a star to suit it.

    The thing is though, Rihanna has that ‘it’ factor and I think that’s what kept her in the game vs all the other young chicks that came out with her.

    I’ve heard people talk about her vs Fefe Dobson (that Fefe is an authentic rocker), or vs Teirra Marie (TM can sing and represents hip hop better) or even Ciara (they came out kinda the same time, Ciara can dance and put on a show)

    *But back to the Fefe Dobson post*

    I really wish her all the best with the movie, and if she does any upcoming music. Not all artists ‘blow up’ like that…she may eventually have her smash hits later rather than sooner.

    I think she and Tatiana Ali do favor each other, I will check the movie out!

  8. Fefe is very talented and beautiful artist, but she didn’t give the “sex vixen,” “kitten,” or “sex object” and that doesn’t work for black women. Alicia keys was an exception and entered with a smash instant crossover hit. Fefe’s a true rocker, but as others have said the labels like to box artists in and other music genres not so welcoming for black artists. I wish her the best!

    This industry gets worst by the day. Huge album sales and or a really hot single or two are almost like a fluke. Adele is an anomaly with over 16 million sold I believe (with moderate publicity), Nicki Minaj is a gimmick that works well, career is on FIRE! Established artists are greatly challenged with terrific marketing & branding machines, Lady Gaga, Mary, Beyonce, Aicia and Rihanna.

    I look forward to seeing this film, interesting subject matter! One thing about Fefe in interviews she’s so optimistic and seems to be fighter!

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