Fefe Dobson @ Mercury Lounge

Pop/Rock diva Fefe Dobson is back on the scene. After a lengthy hiatus the Canadian born singer is back with a new track “I Want You” that is burning up the charts and getting rave reviews.

Fefe Dobson

The singer was in New York City last night and gave a free concert for her fans at The Mercury Lounge.

BrownSista was invited, but unable to attend. Thank heavens for YouTube. Check out the sista’s performance below.

Fefe Dobson

Does Fefe rock or what?


  1. Fefe is back.. yay, rihanna please hide under a rock now..

    fefe is the bomb!!!

  2. Hello Stephanie she also has a music video for it to, very rockish.

  3. Rihanna jacked hard from this chick, look at that first pic..

  4. They don’t look, sound or act anything alike.

    I’m puzzled…

    Love her performance. She reminds me more of Kelis – doesn’t mean anyone jacked – they are just similar artist. She also has some M.I.A. attributes too. Santogold too – me likey.

  5. Im tired with all this jacking crap. I see that alot of artist jack each other. So please stop it. I like her look just like rhi-rhi.

  6. “Fefe is back.. yay, rihanna please hide under a rock now..

    fefe is the bomb!!!”


    Fefe’s got more spunk and pizazz than alot of em any day. Just watch- its NATURAL.

  7. Hi Andre Le Dale

    I posted the videos for it last week in the News & Gossip section at the bottom of the front page (I think a lot of ppl never scroll down to that area- lol.)

  8. Fugly wig. Anyways Fefe sounds great, and I like her style. I always have, she has a way of being sexy and fashionable without getting horish. Is there a video for this song?

  9. @ Rene

    I agree with you on her being natural. As much as I love me some Rihanna, her punk gig is just plain manufactured.

    All of the new singers are manufactured. They don’t enter the industry with a style, if the have the right look and is comfortable nakid, the label will pick a style for them. It’s really sad.

  10. She looks great and is an awesome performer! Heart this chick! Rih Rih jacked her whole sound and look! Wish her well!

  11. rihanna does NOT look like her or sound like her. rihanna is pop. fefe is pop rock. two different sounds. and fefe CANNOT wear a dress. so i dont know why people are saying rihanna jacked her.

  12. Rihanna just stole Fefe’s style…I am rooting for your Fefe…

  13. @ LOL

    We are saying that because Rihanna said it herself. She was quoted saying that’s where she gets inspiration.

  14. Don’t see the Rihanna FeFe comparison!!! She sounds more rock to me!! More like the rock white girls.

  15. ^^^ No we started rock and pop, “they’re” just borrowing it. The Supremes, James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix, The Jackson 5, Donna Summer, Grace Jones, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Janet Jackson etc. We are the originals.

  16. I co-sign Lady. Fefe rocks…. Fefe don’t sound super white girl…this might sound bad but think that’s why I liked her a little more when she first came out. Eowww BLACK ROCKERS. lol

  17. @EBZ202 im just tired with this who thing with fefe and rihanna crap. They both getting it in a different way. The different is rhi-rhi is on a stronger team then fefe. I just found out who she was like last yr. If fefe is not complaining then we should not complain. They are both beautiful women.

  18. Maybe I am not correct in saying this but fashionwise, didn’t the whole black rocker chick craze actually started with Jody Watley?

  19. who knows? Maybe Klymaxx had the look then too. All I know is Fefe is the sh^t in an age of sh^tless musicians.

  20. I don’t know if Fefe’s music is like that groundbreaking but she is a very talented young woman. I’ve loved her from the beginning. God bless her journey.

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