Movie News with Traci Thoms and Meagan Good is reporting news of an upcoming all female ‘Expendables’ project.

The as yet untitled female take on Lionsgate’s ‘The Expendables’ franchise already has one of its lead actresses, fitness model and former mixed martial artist, Gina Carano.

Other names being floated around as possible co-stars include two brown sistas, Tracie Thoms and Meagan Good.

Both actresses have done physically intensive movie roles in the past, Meagan in the 2004 campy film D.E.B.S. and Traci in 2007’s horror classic Death Proof.

Of course nothing is set in stone and the film is still listed in pre-production status. Still, a female version of ‘The Expendables,’ if done right, could be as successful a franchise as the male version.


  1. I thought Tracie was going to win the role of Michonne in The Walking Dead. I think they chose Danai Gurira because they wanted someone they thought would have no sex appeal and who they could neuter like T-Dog. And even though Danai is an attractive woman, they removed all of the hotness the comic book version of Michonne had and made her very masculine for the show. In the comic she has a love interest and seduces a man solely for the sake of killing him while his guard was down.

    Anyway, back to Tracie. She is a great actress but has so few roles that show how amazing she really is. I wish her luck if she gets this role and hope she won’t be just the colored girl playing second fiddle to the white chick(s).

  2. I would LOVE to see these sistas in action roles for this project. WOULD LOVE.

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