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Fenty Beauty Unveils Their First Product

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty cosmetics line unveiled the first product from their upcoming collection just moments ago, via their Instagram page. The debut Rihanna x Fenty Beauty product will be a soft pink, cotton candy-esque holographic lipstick, as seen on several of the models from Rihanna’s recent Rihanna x Fenty Puma 2017 spring fashion show.

Fenty Beauty shared the image to your left on their page, with the following caption: “This holographic lip color is set to be the first product released under the long-awaited makeup label Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. This product will be available to purchase at Sephora stores this fall. Stay tuned for more.”

Hoping to find a better image, I scoured the internet for the one on the right. Neither shows off the lipstick in any meaningful way and I would have expected better from Rihanna and her handlers. They should have taken a page out of Pat McGrath’s book. The make-up artist used Naomi’s Campbell’s succulent pout to launch her line of glitter lipsticks, which promptly sold out within minutes of their launch.
Update: As I kind of suspected, scathing reviews have caused the account to be taken offline. No doubt Rihanna’s people will say it was a fake and come up with a much better pre-launch plan the next time around.


  1. Eric Soto works for them and was linking to one of their previous posts. Oh well, I hope Rihanna Beauty comes back stronger because nothing about that lipstick is cute or holographic.

  2. When I read the comments last night I knew the page would be taken down too. It had been up for over a week. No need to pretend it’s fake. They should have come correct. One photograph of Rihanna wearing her own lipstick would’ve been better than what they showed. They later posted a close up of the model’s mouth after earlier complaints and things got even worse. Up close the model had chapped lips and bumps. I think the page was put up by the company Rihanna is working with and they didn’t think things through before they went live.

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