Finally, Some Janet Jackson News

Though I was hoping for news on Janet Jackson’s upcoming tour or even word of a new single being released to radio- it wasn’t meant to be and thus I bring you the only news about Janet to be released in months. The singer’s lingerie line, which we told you about a few weeks ago, is almost ready to make it’s debut according to Women’s Wear Daily. Janet has teamed up with Bruno Schiavi, the designer behind Dr. 90210’s shapewear line. “Pleasure Principle”, yes Janet named the line after her 1987 hit song, will be an 18 piece collection ranging in sizes from 32A to 44G, and all pieces will retail for under $40. Janet is presently in negotiations with major chains to carry the line in the US, with plans to take the line global by 2009.

Up top and below Janet poses with her designer Bruno Schiavi, as well as model wearing a piece from the collection.


  1. Coolio for Janet! And her tour dates are out there. I checked for my city the other day. Have to wait until October 🙁 but I’m definitely going to see her 🙂

  2. wow she looks wow!! it’s been a while so im really excited and her body’s so amazing too lookin forward tour 🙂

  3. Can’t Wait for the tour and the lingerie! Great name for the line!

  4. I’m not crazy about celeb clothing lines but I like the title of thise one! That was hot!! Go girl

  5. Go Janet!!!! I am really looking 4ward to the tour now… Janet is always top!!! and will always go 4ward… Good luck 4 the new venture love the name of the line… I am a big fan of Janet and wish Jan every sucess in what ever she does…

  6. Oh I Love Janet… I saw her last night on Good Times it was too funy seeing her do the funky chicken lol.

  7. @Salma80: How should she look at 42. That’s not that old. I think I got a little sensitive on this because I this is my last year coming up in 30’s.

  8. Janet is looking good in this photo!! I guess she figured the music thing wasn’t poppin off too hot for anymore so she had to try a new venture..anywho..CONGRATS Miss Janet!

  9. I would like to see how her entire line looks. I hope the whole line is classy. I looked at that picture up close and I can’t figure out of the crotch of the panties is sheer, it just looks a little weird. And the bra looks like it’s fitting funny. Why is it so many lingerie and underwear companies (Especially VS) tend to get models that have minimal curves? I hate when I get my VS catalog and all the models lack T&A.

  10. Janet is like fine wine, she gets better with age!!!!

    I would have to see the whole collection before I can judge, but so far it looks good. I’m glad to hear that she will be including bigger bra sizes. I love the brand name!

  11. @ majesa
    man i feel ya on that undie comment.
    i did a zoom of the picture and and the panties looked see thru at the very bottom (where the lady junk is). i was just wondering if anyone would pick up on that. i hope she does well with her lingerie line…..though when i see the ads for it if there are any i better see someone i can relate to shape wise and not a stick with lingerie on.

    but good luck to her…..(music, movies, etc.)

    positivity out.

  12. I Can picture my girlfriend rocking some jj lingerie janet is the sexiest i.m.o

  13. Much, much LUV to Janet. She is one beautiful and sexy Brown Sista. Wish her the best in all her endeavors. The STICK and IRONING BOARD model wearing a piece from her line has got to go….But what else is new?? Also, kudos to Janet for making the line affordable and not forgetting where she came from. A huge contrast from someone like Michael Jordan, whose sneakers are overly priced at $150-200. Some people dew indeed forget so quickly. Again, kudos to Janet.

    MJ & The 80s forever!!!

  14. She looks great! Totally in tour mode … I’ve got my tix for Oct. 15 and I can’t wait. Do it Janet!

  15. sidebar: i thought she was wonderful in “why did i get married”..and i have always loved her…i’m about to get on my ab lounge tonight being motivated by her abs:)

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