Beyonce Performs For The First Family

Beyonce Beyonce and her alter-ego Sasha Fierce had several very special guests at their DC concert last night. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, as well as several White House staffers and hordes of security, were spotted taking in the singer’s sold out show at the Verizon Center. However, according to ABC News, it was the sight of little Sasha and Malia Obama in the audience, that really got the crowd excited. The First Lady has often cited Beyonce as a role model for her daughters and freely admits that she and The President are both fans of the pop diva as well.

No pics of the family at the concert have been made available as of yet, but you know we do have images of Bey. Hopefully the official White House Flickr page will put some images up in the next few days. I’m sure the family got special backstage access to hang out with the singer.


  1. Hope she kept it PG – sasha can get raunchy at times 😐

  2. Ahem, what was that? SOLD OUT? That’ll shut down all the fools who say her tour isn’t doing well. Yeah, she may not have sold out every joint, but for the most part she’s wreckin’ shop and you know she’s gonna rake in the millions, per usual.

    And sorry, I missed that second part – THE OBAMAS? I don’t believe I recall that particular family attending any other artists’ concerts as of recent history.

    Hmm, and this Beyonce Knowles chick isn’t a legend, eh? All evidence points to the contrary.

  3. Baron people hate beyonce just to hate her. whether she wearing a lace front, high heels, or not holding jay z hand. they gonna hate.

    i believe beyonce is a good role model. she has an alter ego on stage and she leaves that ego their.
    she ain’t wildin out like those other celebs

  4. Get it Bey!! The show was awesome! One Word…LEGENDARY!

  5. She did not perform just for the first family. Washington DC was one of the cities on her tour just like in the past. Everybody knows that the Obamas young daughters are fans of Beyonce. Stop trying to make it seem like she did the show just for them. Even if they were not the first family and still living in Chicago, their mother would have taken them to the show.

    And yes, the Obamas have been to other artist concerts, but of course the black media outlets are only going to focus on their favorite girl, Beyonce. As if her over inflated ego isn’t big enough.

    Just so you know, Barack and Michelle Obama’s favorite artist is Stevie Wonder. And when Michelle Obama was asked who was her favorite performers at the pre-inaugural concert, she named, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen and Herbie Hancock; not Beyonce Knowles.

    Oh and Alicia Keys has been invited to the White House twice by Mrs. Michelle Obama since you guys seem to think Beyonce is the only singer that they sit around and talk about.

  6. ^^^^This is what I was concerned about when I started posting in this thread but my computer is acting funny. I hope the Obamas had a good time. They probably did because Beyonce does put on a consistently great show. I will be at her Philly performance tomorrow. Can’t wait for that. From some of the performances that I saw on youtube, she is in perfect voice and is doing a lot of entertaining things.

    But fellow Bey fans, you invited the post that Elle gave because as I was going to say before my computed messed up: Don’t use this performance to defend Beyonce’s status. This attracts those who don’t like her and then we go back and forth. There is no need for this. Don’t contribute in any way to that and don’t respond back to Elle’s post because the posts before hers brought that on.

  7. OK, the First Daughters are huge fans of the Jonas Brothers also, who were invited to the White House the night of the inauguration to keep the girls company. So when the Jonas Brothers come to Washington DC for a concert, Mrs. Obama will take her daughters to see them also so what is the big deal.

  8. Just because a couple shows are sold out doesn’t mean her tour is a success with $20 tickets.

    She has one canceled show because of low ticket sales and another one is looming.

    She is one of the most overrated artists in the industry, but much-hyped.

  9. Did someone say LEGENDARY 😯

    How is she legendary when her father is steady trying to make her a pop star, but yet want to dominate the BET Awards?

    You people need to quit the celebrity worshipping to a fault.

    Songs like Diva, SL, Deja Vu, Ring The Alarm. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† Makes her a gimmick.

    She will never be considered a legend. She does not make classic music.

    A few years ago her concert would have been headline news.

    The only reason ABC reported was because the Obama’s were present. Otherwise, this concert is getting no media attention other than the standard concert reviews which all artist receive.

    Keep choking on the kool aid.

    If she was asked to voice her opinion about Iran and Korea she would choke up just like she did on Larry King Live.

  10. She did not perform just for the first family. Washington DC was one of the cities on her tour just like in the past. Everybody knows that the Obamas young daughters are fans of Beyonce. Stop trying to make it seem like she did the show just for them. Even if they were not the first family and still living in Chicago, their mother would have taken them to the show.

    Are you retarded or what? Where does Stephanie say, claim, or insinuate that Beyonce performed ONLY for Michelle Obama and her daughters? That’s how crazy people are I guess. You fools just read the title and look at the pictures. Did you bother to actually read the post? Of course not. You were too busy hating from the jump. People like you are as bad as the Beyonce stans you hate on people who don’t like her music. Seriously, get yourself to a mental specialist soon and stay off the blogs until you grow up.

  11. i’m not surprised they came b/c before they became the first family, they also attended her last tour in chicago.

    i saw them but i was a little too far back to get a picture. sasha is indeed fierce cause beyonce shut it down last night. wow!

  12. *applause* @ JBL’s post. But all fairness to the poster, I saw this coming because of the comments before it. They basically drew that. That’s why I said not to post back to it because this is how the back and forth happens. But I am glad YOU posted this. Long time, no see on here too. BTW.

  13. @Curtis – I see what you’re saying but the truth is that real legends are always the most hotly debated and talked about artists. I would never expect for everyone to like Beyonce. That would be boring. It’s much more exciting for her to be loved or hated, than anything in between. Bcuz either way she has earned respect in this industry, and as she said, that means more than any award or amt. of record sales.

    July 1st!!!

  14. Baron, you’re right in what you say. Beyonce is one of those who no matter what she does or don’t do, she gets a lot of attention and debate. Of course, one of the things that does upset me is that these days, I am seeing a lot of what I expect to members of Beyonce hate sites to come in here to promote propaganda and that’s another reason why I said what I said.

    But you’re right, as long as she gets the respect from the industry who appreciate what she brings to the table in her craft, that’s all that matters. No need to let a vocally loud minority outshine that.

  15. Beyonce has been doing her thing on tour! Hate her all you want, but that girl gives 100% every time she takes the stage. She is the ultimate performer! I’m sure the First Lady, Malia, and Sasha had a ball last night. This is not the first Beyonce concert they have attended. So, yes, they are fans! Beyonce has been getting stellar reviews on tour! She gives her fans their moneys worth and more! She gave a shout out to Malia and Sasha and their guest! Too cute! Of course, they got the backstage treatment!

  16. For people who think she is fading you need to get your facts straight, if you look at the forbes list you will see she is 2nd web ranked (behind B. Obama), and #16 tv ranked and #20 press ranked! It must be hard hating Beyonce because she is constantly in the press for something. Queen Bey is in demand and will be for as long as SHE WANTS TO!!

  17. Now, I know this is not going to turn into a hatefest because the First Lady, her daughters, and staffers took in a Beyonce concert!

  18. LOL at people using $20 tickets as a reason she sold out. only 2,000 $20 tickets are available at each arena. these arena’s sit 15,000+ and you think 2000 $20 ticket is what made it a sold out show? my tix alone was over $150 and i bought it through ticketmaster!

  19. i wasnt trying to start anything, i was just stateing that people on here that hate beyonce were the first to say “beyonce wont sing for them” “obamas would never let their children listen to this kind of music” it just goes to show that they are regular people too and people need to accept that. stop making it seem like they are too good for beyonces music and stop making it seem like beyonce music isnt good enough for them, its all about entertainment. and who was it that said matthew probably paid to get beyonce to sing for them? oh…i guess he paid them to attend this concert too right?

  20. @Wohoo, you know how they do! First Lady had a great time too! She was singing along and bopping too!LOL

  21. Wonderful and historical…..i do imagine Michelle dancing single ladies as a striptease to her husband,i can realy see her doing that.

  22. @beynotadiva

    Why would anyone in their right mind ask Beyonce about the goings-on in Iran or Korea? She’s not a politician or an international security expert. She’s an entertainer. I have nothing against you for (obviously) not liking Bey but there’s no excuse for your rationale to be so screwed up.

  23. I am not a mother so i can’t criticize Michelle’s Choice of music for her daughters,They look like they were having fun, So more power to all of them

  24. It is just a concert people. It is not that serious. But I am sure this thread will get at least 80 – 100 comments because it is Beyonce Knowles mentioned in the same sentence as the Obamas. Crazy man.

  25. Why would anyone in their right mind ask Beyonce about the goings-on in Iran or Korea? She’s not a politician or an international security expert. She’s an entertainer.

    Is it too much to ask that our entertainers be informed of what is going on around the world? It amazes me how people defend this woman. Now it is okay for her to be ignorant? She is a 28 yr. old woman who is well traveled and is capable of reading a newspaper or watching any of the hundreds of news media outlets on t.v. and online. Being an entertainer does not give one a pass to be ignorant.

  26. @prettylady,

    who said she didn’t the newspaper and does not know what is going on in iran? it’s ignorant of you assume that she doesn’t unless you live and travel with her and you know that your assumptions are 100% accurate. she’s an entertainer like baron mentioned, i don’t see other entertainers coming out and speaking on the issues in iran. are they all ignorant too b/c they choose to have the politicians handle the issue (issues that they were elected to handle)? besides, what the hell does the obama’s showing up at beyonce’s concert have to do with anything that is going on in iran? πŸ™„

  27. This is the reason why I have chosen to stay away from these blogs, people get so carried away and take it too personal when someone isn’t worshipping or praising Beyonce Knowles. She is a good performer, but she is not the greatest entertainer since sliced bread.

    Not only is Beyonce overexposed but so are the Obamas. Okay, he is the first black president, blah, blah, blah, but he is not the second coming of Jesus Christ. Remember God is a very jealous God and people worship the Obamas like they are Jesus Christ himself. Not good.

  28. Thank you Wohoo.

    @prettylady – I don’t look to Beyonce for international news or foreign policy opinions. We have CNN correspondents and politicians for that. Likewise I wouldn’t look to a doctor for information about the best law bankruptcy law firm in Atlanta. Just as God gave some apostles and some pastors and some teachers, we have entertainers and doctors and lawyers and butchers, etc.

  29. Some of you Beyonce stans just don’t want to admit that Beyonce is all beauty and no brains. She could never sit down and have an intelligent conversation with Michelle Obama.

  30. @truthis,

    and some of you haters don’t want to admit that beyonce got your mind bent. she is overexposed and lacks intelligence, but you can’t stop talking about her. you act like people are forcing you to post comments on her on blogs. you choose to so don’t complain about her overexposure when you make yourself accessible to it. good day!

  31. @ Truth Is

    But she has!LOL Over dinner in the White House too! πŸ˜†

  32. @wohoo and Baron
    I didn’t call her ignorant, although it is definitely implied. What I did say is that being an entertainer is not an excuse to BE ignorant. Baron asked, Why would anyone in their right mind ask Beyonce about the goings-on in Iran or Korea?
    My question is, Why not ask her? I am sure we could ask Alicia Keys or Talib Kweli. But, because it is Beyonce, let’s go easy. No, I don’t know this woman personally and neither does anyone else, so I can only speculate on what she does in her free time. I guess my standards are too high if I expect performers and entertainers to care enough about what is happening in the world? Some of y’all are just content at watching her shake her @$$ and shop I guess…that’s our Bey.

  33. But why should anyone ask Alicia or Tweli for any of those opinions? That sounds like “worship” to me as if we need to hear their opinions on the Iranian Crisis and news of that nature. They’re entertainers, that’s their job to ask for their opinion on something apart from their craft is over-the-top. I feel the same way when it comes to athletes also. Not that I am about the dumb jock stereotype, they should know what is going on. But that’s not their lane. They’re not experts. They only know what the media tell us.

  34. Another thing, when I go to the grocery store to get some food, the last thing I want to do is ask the clerk what she or he is thinking with regards to the Iranian Crisis or the North Korean missile crisis or anything of that nature. It’s the same with entertainers. I appreciate their dedication to their craft and I buy their music for that purpose. I don’t need to know their opinion on the Iranian Election. Don’t want to know. I keep what they do in perspective. The day that I want to know what an entertain thinks about on deep issues, then I truly do need a strait-jacket.

  35. i do agree with the statement that the Obamas are over hyped …….all these calculated family outings are a distraction from real issues at hand,i now view him as more of a reality tv show star than a president,i think he is in love with fame….i’ve got issues with him concerning the nucleur programme in north korea and iran,if he dsnt deal with properly i fear the worst,he is contradicting himself ony many levels but i doubt many people will get the picture because they are in a worshiping mode and still enjoying the euphoria which will take a long time to wear off.

  36. That sounds like β€œworship” to me as if we need to hear their opinions on the Iranian Crisis and news of that nature.

    You don’t think people worship Beyonce? Obviously you haven’t been on this blog that long. Very scary. And if you are going to be doing concerts in South Africa and meeting Nelson Mandela and hanging with the Obamas, then you better know your $hit..the conversation is bound to turn deep at some point.

    Like I said, maybe I’m the exception here. But, I’m okay with that. :mrgreen:

  37. people worrying about who is the hottest and who is a legend like those people will never die, thinkin they are immortal i lost my ” idol” today, R,i,p Michael jackson i need a drink

  38. @Voice yeah I was just about to jump in and ask Stephanie and anyone else if they had heard about Michael Jackson passing away. He was only 50 years old oh boy πŸ™ RIP MJ

  39. Lol yes, the obama’s know were to find TALENT!

    and btw! RIP Michael!! so sad πŸ™

  40. @PrettyLady818; no, you are not alone. Our beloved Michael was able to discuss the situation in Iran as well as countless others. And he took it a step further and used his ART and MUSIC to do it; rather than to just sell sex. I also can name you a few others who can: Bono, Carlos Santana, Alicia Keys, Mos Def, Kerry Washington, Erykah Badu, Andre 3000. And I could go on, but I doubt that I need to.

    While I agree that the media is out to turn Pres. O into a reality tv star to add to the roster of BlackPloitation, I will assert that something bigger is going on that singers like Beyonce are contributing to: distraction away from the REAL issues at hand. I will leave you with this- music comes from the word to muse or to think, when a person controls your thinking, they have a lot of power over you. The word N-gger means mentally dead. When you are mentally dead, you are not thinking; let alone for yourself.

    Thus, I would assert that mindlessly listening to music and not thinking for yourself about the social and spiritual implications of it makes you just that, mentally dead.

    Now stans, STRIKE…

  41. ^^ Just imagine Bono and Carlos Santana are among Beyonce’s biggest fans! (She’s loved by many legends!) Bono always has high praise for Beyonce! Still enjoy the beautiful duet they did together in Africa, “The American Prayer.” You should google it. He was at the tour in Ireland last month!

  42. I am completely aware of Bono being a fan of Beyonce, but I have NEVER heard Carlos Santana say ANYTHING to or about her. What does any of this have to do with people being mindless consumers of garbage and F-ckery? And secondly, what does this have to do with Beyonce not using her so-called art to inform young minds about relevant issues?

    She cannot hold a candle to Bono, and if I recall, Bono was up for Nobel Prize nomination and Beyonce tried to latch her star onto his henceforth. And in closing, being loved by many legends says nothing about your social impact over the longhaul. Beyonce has a lot of influence and uses it to do very little good.

  43. Miss Andi K : I will leave you with this- music comes from the word to muse or to think, when a person controls your thinking, they have a lot of power over you. The word N-gger means mentally dead. When you are mentally dead, you are not thinking; let alone for yourself.

    Thus, I would assert that mindlessly listening to music and not thinking for yourself about the social and spiritual implications of it makes you just that, mentally dead. (Round of applause….)

  44. @ Miss Andi K, youtube and google are your friend. πŸ˜€ You’ll be amaze! Make sure you check out the video of all her philanthropic work too! πŸ™‚ See you right back here in about 3 hrs!

  45. No thanks Melissa, as an Ivy League educated Spelman woman, I prefer to speak about things I have personally researched over the long haul by reading books, magazines, and newspapers. I choose to speak from that knowledge base rather than be fed mindless “stats” about someone or their behavior. You still haven’t answered my question….

    Please name ONE song that Beyonce has written and/or put on one of her solo albums that addressed the sociopolitical concerns of those living in the U.S. or abroad (i.e. HIV/AIDS, hunger, Cancer, domestic violence, poverty, war, racism, etc.)

  46. In fact, I will give you a break, please name one entire album which Beyonce did NOT use to sell sex and/or her body, promote capitalism and mindless consumerism, or leaving a trifling Negro? Bonus points if you can find even one SONG that she personally wrote and did not plagiarize/”sample”…

    Since I won’t be around when you do come up with this answer, I will leave you with the following words: “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight”… AND “You are known by the fruit that you bear”.

  47. @Miss Andi K hats off to you that’s Real Talk! I went to an all female College as well that rank in the top 10. It seems like when you attend an institute of higher learning with nothing but the same gender they produce sharper and more fierce women in our society. Women that are really strong and can really think for themselves as well as create new paths for others to trail.

  48. Wow, I wonder why a person as educated as me is hanging around foolish blogs when I really have an Ivy League education. Maybe it’s because I am either lying about my so called education, or I don’t really have a job or a life so I have nothing better to do besides go around these blogs looking for a space to make my 2 cents count even though I know it won’t really make a difference. I could be spending this time by doing exactly what I expect of Beyonce, Make the world a better place. But then that would mean that I would have to get my ugly double xL size body up and stop listening to Single Ladies because secretly I am overly jealous of Beyonce. For the fact that she found her calling in life and followed it through, and actually represents the fact that in life if you have a dream, you have to work Very hard for it because nothing will come to you. Oh well, let me finish this bag of pork rinds and that one of potato chips and maybe I’ll get my fat ass up and do something about my Ivy League educated fat ass instead of hating on the woman I wish I could be.

  49. ^^^LOL! πŸ˜€

    @ 3p, Thank you, I am flattered beyond words, do I actually have someone impersonating me? Still, why, oh why has my question gone unanswered?

    @ Real Talk, thank you! Which one? And what class?

  50. She is LEGENDAY….No matter what ANYONE has to say about Beyonce she is a Legend in the making and she is well on her way! Go Bey

  51. Partially I don’t think she should be a role model for the girls but I’m intrigued a bit why Michelle does. However they had fun that’s wassup.

  52. ❗ Well Personally Beyonce Just Need To Stop And Have Some Babies Like Jennifer Hudson I’m Bout Sick Of All The Glory Going To Her And Rihanna They Both make Me Sick

  53. beyonce is a legend amoung the ghetto people. end of story.

  54. well, MJ is gone so we are now left we these no talanted airheaded entertainers. they say chris brown maybe the new michael jackson but i doubt it. i mean, he can dance and all but thats about it.

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