New Music from Rihanna

I hope you’re ready for some new Rihanna music because the singer has just unveiled the anxiously awaited debut single from her upcoming seventh studio album.

“Diamonds” worldwide debut happened just moments ago and in case you missed it, a Lady Gaga friend of mine ripped it and posted it online.

The track will hit iTunes at 9am, but you can give it a listen now.

Enjoy !


  1. I love her vocals on this! It’s great.It’s gonna be in my head all day.

  2. Rihanna and this 7 stuff is too much like Beyonce and her 4 stuff.

    As for that song, not good. Rihanna is setting the bar lower and lower.

    No growth at all unless you count sounding like Sia (the Aistralian artist who wrote this song)as growth.

  3. I like this song. And Rihanna does sound a lot like Sia. Maybe she was just mimicking her as to how Sia was singing it on the demo. I also feel like Rihanna releasing these albums back to back are not a good idea. I mean I don’t hear any kind of growth when i listen to a rihanna album. I thought as an artist with each album your suppose to show some type of growth and i just don’t hear it. Shes releasing albums so fast that i don’t even know which song goes to which album. But hey i guess that works for her.

  4. also you cant judge growth by one single…

    it takes a full body of work aka an album to do so, but also when you grow always leave a track or tow on your album that reminds us of why we liked you to being with.

    i’ll judge after the entire album is released.

  5. Keep in mind that some might be old. Just like how deceased rappers have new singles.

  6. I like it! It’s a great song to represent the name of her tour! You can see a beautiful laser light and sky show that’s going to be awesome! The wardrobe or costume options are many and we know more singles are to follow before she release the album!

    I give Rihanna credit because she doesn’t depend on a producer driven track to make her a number one. She’s skillful in her choices and how she delivers! I believe she has grown as an artist, “California King Bed” was beyond what I thought she could deliver vocally and as a live performance, but it didn’t do all that well as other singles. “Take Care” such a beauty! I’m looking forward to her new music!

  7. You cant judge growth by one single? This girl done had 6 prior albums containing the same ole mess and you cant judge growth!!! If that was Beyonce y’all be crying the blues she is doing way to much so what has the copier done? I feel sorry for the ones going to her so called live set. This autotune mess is not worht the $.99 cents I know she is selling it for.. Rihanna stop!!!

  8. The song has to grow on me, probably will after I hear it on the radio a couple times. Its different which is always good, and yea Cnythinia thats a great name for a tour.

  9. Im actually surprised that I like it as much as I do. I just knew that it was gonna be some thrown together hot mess, but I was wrong.

  10. I like the song. Rihanna is not playing she is getting that money. As we all know in a moment the industry can shift and the artist is no longer hot. Go head Rihanna get your money just in case. 7 albums in what 7 years.

  11. There really is nothing wrong with artists releasing new tracks or albums every year. This is how artists did business in the 60s and 70s – look up anyone’s discography (Aretha/Rolling Stones/Beatles/Tina Turner/Streisand), and you’ll see this is true.

  12. I like and love it at the same time. Will have to grow on me as well.

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