Janet On The Cover Of Harpers Bazaar

Janet HB Cover I know many people have written Janet Jackson off but my girl ain’t hardly finished and the public has not heard the last of the 20 Y.O album just yet.Word is there will indeed be a video for Janet’s new single “With U”, which is already burning up the R&B charts.Plus the new year will not only bring more magazine covers and performances, but also a worldwide tour.SoSo Dusty of Janet Xone also got her hands on an early copy of January’s Harpers Bazaar magazine with none other than Miss Jackson gracing it’s cover.You can click the image to your left for a better view and hopefully we will have scans of the cover and inside article as well. Stay tuned…


  1. i don’t think is too much or in any way over the top.Honestly I only though those FHM pics were crass.Everything else was no differernt than what most female celebs do today.

  2. I don’t think it’s over the top (Stacie)I would just like to see Janet dressed now. It’s getting boring.

  3. Same old same old from Janet as far as I can tell.She been nekkid for years now.I’m still a fan but think she needs to evolve a bit like Madonna did.

  4. She should got he classy route, not trashy. She needs to show these other females what style, grace, and class looks like. She looks great when she glams up. I think people would respect her more and give her album a chance if she put some clothes on.

  5. The cover looks very fun and out going to me.I see no hint of sex or sexuality at all.Miss Janet is sporting a full bikini and her body can barely be seen.I think maybe some of you are making too much of some of Janet’s covers.Janet looks great to me and I can’t wait to see the inside pics as well.

  6. Wow, I’n not trashing Janet. I am a fan and have ways been, it’s just that MOST of the time Janet is not dressed and as a fan I don’t want her to give people the opportunity to dog her. People have been saying for the longest that every where they turn Janet is Naked. I can’t argue with them. Again I am a fan and have every album, but being redundant will turn people away

  7. My GOD can you say “Touched Up Photo”? As usually, she has had the editors make her appear smaller than she is and flawless. It’s amazing which you can do with Photoshop!:lol2:

  8. Do you think Janet has them do this or do you think the magazine people themselves make these types of decisions? Janet is a pretty woman no matter the case though.I personally think think she looks better minus all the airbrushing.

  9. it’s kinda obivious that everyone in magazine get airbrushed.. This is not a “janet trick”..
    Let a 40 year old woman, do what she wants..
    gooooooooooooooo Janet.. Love you

  10. What Bazaar mag is this? It’s not American Harper’s Bazaar for January ’07! I have my issue and Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet grace the cover!

  11. janet looks amazing with or without photo shop, and lets just stop for one minute …at 40yrs, over 80million albums sold, countless awards, sell out tours, the ICON she is is going to get even bigger in 2007 – We have a tour remember, and NO ONE can put on a visual and highly entertaining show like janet! … Go janet, show these wanna be copy cats catch you up this time! …Love to y’all over the festive period …

  12. I saw the rest of the photos in the magazine on “Juicy New” blogspot and they are actually quite classy. Very nice, I gues they just did the cover that way. I freakin LOVE YOU JANET!! 20 Yrs says alot about some one. Especially when your new music is STIL on the radio.:thumbsup:

  13. When does this issue come out, there is a different cover out right now, is this not going to be released as an American issue, maybe for February??

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