Janet Jackson “Rock Witchu” Tour Pics

Janet Tour Photo

Here it is! Finally- the pic Janet Jackson fans have been waiting for since 2001. Janet-Love.com has exclusively secured the first image of Janet on tour, and what a fabulous photo it is. Janet and her dancers can be seen rockin’ gold space cadet like outfits, which I am pretty sure are worn during the performance of Feedback. Janet has always been known for her fabulous stage costumes and word is the two hour show contains nine costume changes.

Check back with us later and hopefully we’ll have more photos and maybe even video of Janet’s first tour performance in almost 7 years.

Janet Performing Control


  1. ALRIGHT JANET. ITS SHOWTIME.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO IN FOR DA KILL JJ.

  2. I just added a link to a high quality version of the pics Sean- click it to see Janet in all her glory. Her costume is amazing.



    Performed Nasty and ANDS in the Yellow Track Suit

    less than 10 seconds ago from web

    Now performing Again – wearing a yellow track suit 4 minutes ago from web

  5. I’m so excited thank you brownsista for the Janet update. I have tickets for DC 10-15-08…Kill Em The Queen Of Dance.

  6. Why is that outfit being referred to as a track suit in media reviews? That doesn’t look like any track suit I have ever seen. 😆

  7. FIERCE! I love Janet! Luv, luv, luv, luv, luv! Can’t wait to see her in October! 🙂

  8. Janet is the business period.. I haven’t seen her in concert but i hope and pray i can this time around.. she is a icon….she didn’t ask for that title..it was given to her( take a hint mrs carter!!!)

  9. Janet is lookin` fierce and fabulous. She`s a true performer who puts on a great show. She definitely knows what she`s dewin` on the stage. I`m sure the tour will be a great success and a great treat.

    Please, is it too much to ask to keep all comments in reference to Janet? This post is all about her; NO one else.

    Dew your thang Miss. Janet!!! Luv you always!!!

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  10. I can’t wait until the next show to here more great reviews and too see more pictures to hold me over until she comes to DC. I refuse to watch videos on you tube.

  11. da bomb!!! janet we cannot wait 4 u 2 get 2 chi-town sept. 25th. u r the best above the rest. luv ya

  12. OMG!! i jst im soooo excited like really really excited luvz her natural curves and seriously im sooo much happy for her she’s lookin too good u wat dey say (BLACK DON’ CRACK) simple as!! !’m lovin her !!!! 🙂

  13. Woo-hoo!! Look at Janet with them big, juicy legs….LOL.

    Gone girl!!!

  14. I guess that’s what happens when you have over twenty years of a musical catalog you cannot have a big selling album but still sell out arenas. I don’t see any of these new artisist being able to do this twenty years from now.

  15. Love me some Janet!! She is fierce!!!

    Man, I hate that will have to miss this 🙁

    Go Janet!

  16. You have to think too tina turner is touring too and u know she be selling out arena too.

  17. my brother is going to her show in atlanta. i brought him the tickets for his b-day

  18. I adore janet! she is a fabulous entertainer i can’t wait for her to come by and make me dance 🙂

  19. Now this is an ICON…..
    Go on Ms Janet do your thang girl!!!!!

    Hopefully other wanna “BEY” ICONs please take some good notes….
    I’m just saying……

  20. Janet Jackson pays tribute to the Native Americans and style a Mohawk hairdo which is also associated with punk culture.  The Mohawk is said to have been worn by the Mohawk and Mohegan Tribes.  Actually the name Mohawk may be wrong and unsuitable because the Wyandot Tribe may have been the first Native Americans Tribe to wear it, but when the French saw them they thought they were the Mohawk Tribe. There are not many members of the Wyandot Tribe remaining; there are about 8,000 of them spread throughout Canada-Quebec & Canada-Ontario and in the United States Ohio, Oklahoma, Michigan and Kansas.   So before we comment on this particular hairdo let us stop and think about whom we are insulting and it is not Janet.  This hairstyle has history that is about a people who were mistreated, murdered and killed without just cause, was it because people found the hairstyle to be not cool?  When we say we do not like the hairstyle, we are saying we do not like Native Americans or accept their culture?  If so think about where you are!  Was Janet also mistreated?  Not to compare! Frank Paul Gambino

  21. I just saw the Oakland show It was Amazing!!!!! Very upbeat concert, great costume changes, I was on my feet the entire time. I have no complaints about the show . If I had to rate the show Janet would get a 10! Yes she is the BEST FEMALE PERFORMER that has ever step foot on the stage. So to everyone that has tickets to her up coming shows, look forward to getting your moneys worth and thensome! You Rock Janet!

  22. What is it about the world hatin on the jackson! They set the trend for ALL the artist out know who in fact jack(no pun intended) they style and now whatever they do Black the most hate on them! Can we allow ourselfs to have Icon’s cause white people sure do BAB’s,Cher,Madonna,Bette,TINA Turner(LOL) but not us we have to rip at our artist till they just are no more!

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