First Look: Keyshia Cole & Son

Check out this gorgeous pic of an absolutely beautiful Keyshia Cole spending the day at the mall with her son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. The singer revealed the pic herself via her Twitter page, making this the first ever photo of her son posted online.


  1. So sweet…. I wonder if Frankie gets to watch the baby…LOL

  2. Keyshia is a good mother. She could have sold out pics of her child months ago but chose not to reveal him until she was good and darn well ready. I respect that.

  3. Aww, cute picture. Their son is adorable.

    BTW, That baby carrier looks like it would knock down store displays and junk, lol.

  4. Cutie

    I’m going to need her to not carry this kind of contraption on her back ever again. LOL


  5. LOL!! That is a serious carrier, it must double as a stroller. What a cutie pie and she does look happy.

  6. well it’s about time! i been wanting to see what her son look like. He’s a cutie!

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