First Look: Rihanna’s “Rihab” Video With JT


Three weeks ago we posted photos from the set of Rihanna’s Rihab video, which features singer Justin Timberlake. Well now you can check out a short preview of the video above. As expected, Rihanna looks great, Justin is- well Justin- and the single is destined to go to #1.


  1. I have no problem with Rihanna but she makes uninspiring pop music that leaves me cold. She has never made one song that moves me and adding Justin to the mix just makes it all the more boring and predictable.

  2. I cant wait to see this video.Im sure the song will make it to number 1. It is even better performed live

  3. Every time I watch a music video (this and other ones), I am always wondering why does it have to look like soft porn???? Why do female singers get almost naked??????? I wonder if these female singers could have been famous if they dressed normally in their videos, ie Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Shakira, Destiny’s Child???? Why do they all have to be dressed like, sometimes, prostitutes. Again, just wondering.

  4. I think it will be a very good video (maybe one of her best)! She looks very beautiful and this song has potential to go number1!!
    Rihanna is definitively the “it” girl of the moment!!

  5. Coco…
    I think you have problems with sexuality…don’t take it out on these singers or any other person, DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

    The human body, esp a woman’s body is really beautiful…nothing wrong with flesh…I’m a sexy woman and am comfortable with that.

  6. I love this song omg idk but her music just seems to grow on me. CoCo you’re right but look at Alicia Keys she doesnt have to show her ass and look at her she is one of the most respected r n b singer. to each its own!

  7. One of my favourite songs off the album anyway so I’m not mad at her. It looks like its going to be good. I don’t think it looks over sexual enough to make me uncomfortable. I still havent watched the ‘Dirrrty’ video in full and Usher’s ‘Trading places’ is a bit too out there for me. But the songs are good so w/eva.

    I just hope the girl takes a break.

  8. CoCo you dont have a problem, it’s true and some take it a little bit to far; Rihanna, she lacks so much in true talent this is why she always have to look like this. It works, sadly to say because sex sales, people want to see the video because of her being half naked, the song has really played out so this is why they bring it in this form instead of being like it should be in some building and not on some beach half naked, hence PRON. And if the artist should so happen to look on these sites and see that people are calling them whores, hookers, sluts, tramps, are say is she doing Playboy now, they better not get upset cause this is how you are putting your self out there.

  9. Hmmm. I won’t say anything regarding Rihanna’s clothes or lack of clothes as I think it’s ultimately irrelevant, but as far as the video….why am I :lol2: when I see Justin Timberlake skulking in the background? LOL I can’t wait to view it. :brownsista:

  10. kanyade … i was giggling too. A figure just kinda… waltzed behind her. 😆

    btw, what does ‘idk ‘mean. i’ve always wondered? I bet it something really simple.

  11. Coco I agree with you…Rihanna knows that if she doesn’t dress like that she won’t sell any record. The chick is talented but for me she has to turn the sex appeal down and show more of her talent than her body.
    She also look like she has no personality, the short black hair, the rock n roll outfits…it’s all fake cuz we all know a chick like that ain’t no rock n roll…can someone please tell her to stop tryin and to go back for singing songs like “Pon de Replay” which is what she is really about.

  12. Love it. Rihanna and Justin Together makes for a fantastic collaboration to me, as I’m fond of them both. Do people really look at that swimsuit and say “OMG, She’s so Naked?” Please. It’s not as if she’s popping her behind with her legs wide, so let’s not act like it. Rihanna sells her look well with her charisma, especially with her model-like dimensions. I never see her and think slutty, I see her and her videos and see a model more than anything else and I think she carries herself with sense of class.

    …And Justin is looking mighty good.

  13. She looks beautiful as always. I don’t like the fact that she is lusting of J-Timberlake for this song. Ever since that Janet Jackson superbowl incident when he flipped on her I have not been a fan of him.

  14. To NothingWrongWithSexy:

    I love the woman’s body. I don’t have any problem with sexuality. My comment was not specifically directed towards Rihanna’s clothes or lack thereof in this video. It is a thought. So are you saying that Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige and Keycha Cole are not comfortable with their sexuality coz they don’t flaunt flesh all over??????????????? What about Fantasia and J Hudson??? Those are all very beautiful and sexy women. My comment was about the fact that, and even u have to admit it, that these days, the girls in the music industry (regardless of race and music genre) are always almost naked, if not completely naked in their videos. Long gone are the videos like Tamia, Brandy, Whitney, old Mariah, used to do. Now it’s all about oiled body, barely there swimming suit, stripper pole, platform heels, sexually provocative moves…

    So I’m gonna ask it again, is it really necessary for girls in this industry to go that way in their music videos or is it because their voices alone cannot sell the song??????????????????

    PS. NothingWrongWithSexy, I’m not saying you’re making any excuse but every time a female artist or actress is asked about her posing almost naked, they always say “I really feel good about my sexuality”. Somehow it’s an excuse to me but idk.

  15. Again, my comments are not specifically about what Rihanna wears in this video.

  16. I like this song….but goooooodness, she is milking this album for all it’s worth! 😆

  17. I loove Love that song and i Adore Rihanna But NAH! this song deserved more than a sexed up video! Come on rih rih I would have had something where she is sitting in a corner acting in pain as the song goes by, then some scene with her talking to a psy, and a final scene where she get out of rehab and come face to face with her ex and keep on stepping, What are director missing now a day creativity? I ‘m disapointed But it’ s rihanna EVERYONE loves rihanna that song is going to go number one

  18. coco because sex sells and some women definition of empowerment is to hoochify themselves you’ ll learn how to just laugh and shake your head one day then it won’ t bother you anymore :lol2:

  19. Christie: Beside A.keys jennifer Hud Jazmine sullivan Name one mainstream artist thyat doesn’ t “dress and perform like a wh-re” You can’ t point at rihanna without pointing down to beyonce Ciara Even my girl ashanti, Why everyone wants to get on her about her “lack of talent” If talent was all you needed all of the lady above would stop dropping it like it’ s hot sit somewhere and sing the dangone song, A very few women are confident enough to say you know what i’ m a musician i sing i do not strip so let me keep my club moves for the club and sing for people to enjoy, A very few, the rest can’ t do that would you go to a beyonce ciara or ashanti’ s concert if they are fully dressed and sitting somewhere just singing? I don’ t think so , so let’ s not single out one sister because she happens to be hto as fire :lol2:

  20. To Voice and everybody else: I never said Rihanna has no talent. Being sexy is in fact a talent, I guess you missed my point. I was not singling her out.

  21. :stop: why do people say she cant sing i think she can its just the tone of her voice but she can sing

  22. Can’t wait to see the video… She looks really beautiful in it. Go Rhi… :thumbsup:

  23. @ Not a Beyonce fan

    In Keyshia’s post, you just commented that she(Keyshia) cannot sing live. Neither can Rihanna! That’s why people say she can’t sing. She sounds much better on her cds than live. She’s a studio singer….simple

  24. Rihanna can sing she just can’ t sing like Keyshia cole Jen.hud jazmine sullivan and Alicia does That’ s all
    Rehab is a very pretty song i heard it live and i loved it, Too bad the video does not reflect the song at least from the look of it, Rihanna baby don’ t oversexed your videos by the time you’ re 30. everyone will get tired of you but :thumbsup: to her too that’ s a straight to number one song 🙂

  25. Voice “would you go to a beyonce ciara or ashanti’ s concert if they are fully dressed and sitting somewhere just singing? I don’ t think so”

    I would go to a Beyonce concert IN A HEART BEAT even if she was covered from head to toe. In your little rant, you seem to forget she sometimes perfoms fully clothes from head to toe [The World Music Award Irreplaceable perfomance on you tube]. It is one of her best. There are countless others where she doesn’t dance, she has classier outfits, and they are also some of her best to date [i.e. the “Listen” perfomance on Oprah, The VMA DIL performance]. It’s her STAGE PRESENCE. Don’t sit here and tell me folks wouldn’t go to a Beyonce concert simply because she not showing skin and dancing LOL.

    “If talent was all you needed all of the lady above would stop dropping it like it’ s hot sit somewhere and sing the dangone song” Voice
    OH…you don’t seem to like diversity. Every talented artists do not have the same performance style your standard demands–>”sit somewhere and sing the dangone song”, and it is quite all right.

    Now Rihanna…
    I respect her hustle. I like some of her song. She’s living her dream. She’s a beautiful woman. When the full video is out, I’ll check it.
    The only issue I have with her, as an artist, is I don’t enjoy her live performances. She once mentioned she doesn’t enjoy perfoming some of her song as much as “Umbrella”. Well, it shows. When performing, an artist wants to avoid showing the viewer her lack in enjoying her own songs.

    I don’t get why some folks are so stuck up on nudity. God does not mind nudity. Who are you? LOL

  26. @CoCo the women in question have something Rihanna dont and that is Talent…I dont care what anyone says. Everyone is trying to evolve including Beyonce. Yes she did SL and she did it like in a dancer format. But since some say Rihanna has talent and is comfortable with her self cause she sure done got cocky with this whole almost naked look.

    Beyonce can and she did change, cause she has the talent to go along with a change. Rihanna knows what is keeping her in peoples eyesite so why change, she gets talked about like a dog on a regular on these sites unless it’s her site. They praise everything on her sites even her bad reviews she is still getting overseas with this tour.

    This is a topic that could go on for ever but it’s not worth it. When I spend my money on an artist I see what they can do live first and on a regular Rihanna has been in the pits. I dont want to see you lip sync, not dance, just cute half naked…

  27. Sflower: You are One person You don’ t represent a group of people or a way of thinking If you would do what you want to do in a heartbeat That’ s your problem that’ s what you’ re suppose to do no way, your money and frankly i don’t give a flying dollar get it right sister,
    Most people i know that are fans of beyonce likes her performance because she is very hot and can shake it like a salt shaker ,it’ s coming from both sexes i’ m speaking from my side and from what i have seen and experienced ,you don’ t know a dang thing about my standards except that we have very different values and opinions which is perfect so don’ t you dare tell me what i can cannot do , i don’ t tell you what you can or cannot say or like because i don’ t know you and don’ t particularly care to know you
    And next time you speak to god on the phone tell him to text message me , I need to tell him something
    as for the who are you question, You don’ t wanna get into that with me 🙂

  28. To SnijanaFleur: If you think God has no problems with nudity, why don’t you go to church half naked then????? And come back and let me hear what your mama said to you.

    I am not stuck up with nudity. I was talking on how much women entertainers rely on their sexuality to be successful and sometimes some of them just go to far. Even if the song is so deep, they just have to be naked in it.

    Let’s talk about Mariah for example, she was fine before. But why does she have to dress the way she does these days… I just don’t understand.

  29. coco…I maintain God does not mind nudity. If you are Christian or if you simply read the Bible, you will notice God created and expected Adam and Eve to live naked in the Garden of Eden <–this is the basis for this argument. It was only after Adam and Even sin, they became so self-conscious, and they started to hide behind clothes.

    “If you think God has no problems with nudity, why don’t you go to church half naked then????? And come back and let me hear what your mama said to you” coco

    My mother is not God and the Church is not God, nor does it always speak for God. Your response lacks substance [Come harder LOL]. If God minded nudity, S/He would have order Adam and Eve to put some clothes on after S/He created them.

    By the way, this Argument is not originally mine. I read it in a youtube argument…on a DC3 vid LOL. I agree with it. It helps me see nudity in a new perspective.

  30. My mother used to say wh-res stick together, it is normal that people jump to defend rihanna or beyonce
    those are people that can identify to these women and actually want to be them,so every single comment touch them deep down in the guts, Too Bad even with a black president, we are lacking honesty, and leadership skills
    :hifive: brown sista first comment ever i was introduce by your biggest fans 🙂
    and whoever said god doesn’t mind nudity is right since we’ re going by the book, god also does not mind drugs, terrorism, homosexuality,right? He mind unfaithfulness, disrespect towards your parents, lies yet we all do it right? loool cm on

  31. Voice
    Check out the WMA AUDIENCE during that Irreplaceable performance. Check the others too. I rest my case.

    I have no problem admitting Beyonce is very attractive physically. I also find some aspect of her personality attractive. She appears reserve in the public eye, she pushes herself to improve her craft. I dig that a lot LOL.

  32. no @darksista

    everyone will be tired of her within the next 3 years if she don’t sit her ass down somewhere sometime. he star is slowly gonna start fading

  33. I definently agree with Voice (you are about the smartest person on here) Who ever thinks God does not mind nudity How do you know ? In the Bible it says That your body is the temple of God


  35. Snijina: Oh no honey i didn’ t say that it’ s just a saying 🙂 wh-res stick together likebirds of the same feathers fly together? but in a little more vulgar way 🙂

    i think also we need to stop with the prediction of who will be number one and who is going to get tired of who that’ s ridiculous :lol2:

  36. Coco,
    It has to do with marketing. It’s just as simple as: Minimum Clothing + Booty Popping + Hip Gyrating= More Record Sells.

    I mean how else are you going to sell teenage diary entry inspired lyrics like:
    “It’s like I checked in to rehab and baby, you’re my disease” or “If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it” to people over the age of say 17 or 18?

    That’s the industry now. At least the music industry. But no you’re not crazy. And trust me you are not alone in your assessment.
    I totally agree.

    And that whole “it’s her being comfortable with her sexuality” is B.S.

    Anyone with commom sense and true sexual energy knows that a woman could be dressed in a pair of sweats, a big tee shirt and sneakers and drip sex appeal. I’m only 26 but I happen to know that most men -not boys- but men truly do know the difference between sex appeal and slutty.

    And class is a big part of it.

    Trust me I go to work everyday in slacks(that aren’t hugging me to death) and blouses (that leave something to the imagination) and I am complemented and many “sexy” are tossed my way.

    *SMH* @ whoever that was that said Rihanna has charisma. Have you ever seen the girl perform live? She’s ’bout as charismatic as a roll of

    Bottom line like someone before me said I respect these women’s hustle but please let’s never forget that true to God quality talent and skill require no props or gimmicks to reach fans.

  37. I mean how else are you going to sell teenage diary entry inspired lyrics like:
    “It’s like I checked in to rehab and baby, you’re my disease” or “If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it” to people over the age of say 17 or 18?

    Not now it expan to 21 or 22 you know those women that refuse to grow up?

  38. Thanx:)
    lol. and you are so right about the 21 and 22 year olds.

    Please some are even 40 and 45 I work with plenty of them. I know.

  39. “Bottom line like someone before me said I respect these women’s [B included] hustle but please let’s never forget that true to God quality talent and skill require no props or gimmicks to reach fans”. Tyra

    In other word B doesn’t have “true to God quality talent and skill” LOL. It’s a good thing that’s just your opinion and everybody has one. B along with several other ladies and gents in this industry are very talented. Their perfomance style and stage costume may differ. However, you can’t take away from their talents just because of that.

  40. Good thing I never said her name. I was actually speaking in general about that part.

  41. Tyra
    You know you didn’t have to because you wrote that popular hook, “If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it” LOL. Don’t play coy…now.
    I’m not a big fan of Single Ladies, but like it just fine because I take it for what it is, and what her direction was for it. I’m a bigger fan of her ballads [Listen; Me, Myself, and I; The I Am Beyonce side of her latest effort …Some meaningful songs you ladies always fail to mention in you critics of substance].

  42. ugh same ol same ol in here regarding Rihanna she is just as controversy as Bey is lol. The whole “expressing your sexuality” argument is played. There are women that like to show skin and enjoy it. There are some who show skin, but do not enjoy it; they just rather do it to make money. Some stay true to themselves and not show skin because they don’t feel comfortable doing it. Whatever the case is some people are comfortable with expressing their sexuality in nude because they are comfortable with their body. You can’t blame them because some women have a very hard time accepting their body parts lol. Everyone expresses their sexuality differently than others. No need to be condescending towards women who do it differently than you. It’s their than lives not yours. Not to say you were saying that CoCo. I can’t stand when people try to make differences regarding singers who do it as oppose to video/model vixens. Showing skin is showing skin no matter who does it. Making exceptions to me is very shallow. I’m just generally speaking lol . Anyways I like the Rihanna video and song.

  43. I watched a show on VH1 about video girls and how Hip Hop artists are supposedly (not my words) taking advantage of them and how the industry takes advantage of women. Everybody talks bad about those women but only has good things to say about the female artists who do exactly the same thing. It’s not a specific singer, these days, it’s most of them. And I am not talking about their live performance, I am talking about their videos. Let’s face it, girls are most naked these days. When Mariah first went on the “naked side”, I was like “Maybe this is liberating for her …” but now, I honestly think it’s predictable, tacky and played out. And for one of the best singer of all-time, why does she have to dress the way she does???????? I don’t even have to see her video and I’m sold on her song. But her clothing pieces get smaller as she gets older.

    So my point is this: no matter how much you’re comfortable with your body and your sexuality, I am sure that those artists want to be known for their sound first. Even Beyonce said she was tired being “the hot girl”. But why do they always have to use the sex formula then???????

  44. By the way, I loved Rihanna in “Take a bow”. She didn’t have to strip down but the song still got my interest.

  45. Don’t quote the bible if you do not know what you are talking about. You make an arse out of yourself. God did not create women to be used and always act as if they are in heat. When you read your scripture all of the strong women in the bible had a certain way that they carried themselves and I can guarantee that their image is not in any of these women in the videos including the main two that are always discussed.

  46. Rihannaholic and Bria I’m arguing nudity
    Do you disagree God created and expected Adam and Eve to live naked in the Garden of Eden?

  47. @coco
    I saw that documentary on TV too, while more mainstream videos are not that bad imo, surely you can’t be refering to the “Uncut” vids! because that stuff made absolutely no sense! whats worse is that all those “little” girls were strippers who had obvious self-esteem issues,they grew up in foster care or raised themselves, and then those “scouts” find them and convince them to work hours on video shoots only to not even get compensated, and then thr girls go on to say how they felt “special” to have been chosen to work for free! it was really, really, sad.

  48. Why is God being brought into this. It’s just a vid. Was there this much outroar for Britney’s Womanizer or Beyonce’s Single ladies. I mean a leotard and people were up in arms because she was a married woman or God forbid ‘ 27 years old’ but for Britney, it was ‘she’s back b***h’ , 7 mill views on youtube within 2 days of its release and the biggest jump in billboard history.

    Does it depend on the artist, the type of music they do, the colour of their skin. idk

    Why do ppl say Rihanna will fade, if anything, i’d thought she’d have faded at Pon de Replay, perhaps at S.o.S, even umbrella but she’s kept going, milking this album dry. 😆

    And are you lot saying that back in the day, artists weren’t being risque at times or they were all wearing burkas. En Vogue, Salt n pepa, SWV (those short shorts) ginuwine, r kelly (ew) Madonna. This is isnt exactly nothing new. Jst because u may likesome of these artists songs/vids doesnt mean u cant appreciate songs by artists such as india. Arie or Erykah Badu… I think i’m rambling. Bye

  49. Everything she does goes to #1 in one country or another lately… The song is getting a lot of play here…you’d think it was released in the last month…

  50. I think Rihanna is a beautiful girl and I believe in exploring your sexuality but it seems like thats all she’s exploring. she hasn’t taken any risks with her songs as far as improving on her vocal and dancing skills. she’s really just eye candy. I also wish she would perform better, I like her songs but I wouldn’t buy a concert ticket just to see her in slutty outfits lip syncing.

  51. Damn people love hatin…I think this song will go to Nr 1 aswell.

    As for showing skin, no one has a problem when it’s Beyonce or someone older, who should really be covering up shows too much skin. Toni braxton….

    But the female body is beautiful and if you got it flaunt it!

  52. Rihanna is the most beautiful woman in the music industry. She have charisma and her presence it´s enough for selling, selling and selling much more. Beyonce have always a very hight super-ego but after Rihanna`caming sh`s a second woman for the people that love beautiful singers. Rihanna beat Beyonce in R&B music and now Beyonce loose in pop music for Rihanna. This young woman is a DIVA.

  53. Song is ok 🙄 , Rihanna looks fierce as usual :thumbsup: , video is :thumbsdown:

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