First Look: Taraji P. Henson As Tiffany Rubin

So here it is, your first look at Taraji P.Henson in the Lifetime original movie “Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story.” Ripped straight from the headlines, “Taken” tells the story of Tiffany Rubin, an African American school teacher from Queens, NY, who travels to South Korea to try and rescue her son who was taken there by his father, whom she was in a bitter custody battle with. Tiffany’s ex-husband was a native of South Korea and during a scheduled weekend visit whisked their son Kobe off to his homeland. With very little money and no help from the American authorities, Tiffany eventually hooked up with Mark Miller, the founder of the American Association for Lost and Stolen Children. Together they traveled to Seoul and discovered Kobe was going to school in a neighboring town. After a careful planning, one day Rubin went into her son’s school and was able to snatch him. The two, along with Miller, ran to the U.S. Embassy before being able to return home safely.

‘Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story’ premieres Monday, January 31st at 9pm/8pm.


  1. I love Lmn and i love Taraji so of course i’ll be watching, as for the story I have a very harsh opinion on mixing races, so let me shut my mouth.

  2. nothing is wrong with interracial couples. life is too short to care about someone dating outside their race. you are attracted to who you are attracted to. if people had your attitude, than we would never have Pres.Obama.

  3. I absolutely agree with BOHWE, why does that get people’s blood so hot(interracial couples)???

  4. Oh please shut it, I made an effort not to elaborate be happy about it.

  5. Tiffany has married an Asian man and a white man. Sisters should take note. A quality woman can catch any man of any race.

  6. The kid is cute. I hate LIfetime. I’l put the movie on my netflix. love taraji!

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