First Look: Toni Braxton in ‘Twist of Faith’

So, here it is! Your first look at singer Toni Braxton in her role as Nina in the Lifetime movie ‘Twist of Faith.’ As previously reported, Toni will play a gospel singer who falls for a Jewish cantor.

The movie is officially set to air Saturday, February 9th and co-stars David Julian Hirst and Mykelti Williamson.

Check out newly released stills below.


  1. Toni wears the hell out of her clothes! She has such a great figure (and face….before and after the urgery).

  2. I cant stand the way her and her sisters bleach their skin and it is so obvious. great singer and actress but need to stop bleaching.

  3. Go Toni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why do people keep saying that black celebs are bleaching their skin? I’m not attacking the poster who made the statement, it is my belief that for many years the make up industries didn’t have the right foundation for black skin,an and just recently, the make up industry has been doing a better job with finding the right foundation for women of color. and neither toni nor her sisters are dark complexioned. and as far as getting a nose job, if toni did get one, it’s possible that she had to because of her lupus. mj doctor has said that he had to get the nose job because the lupus ain’t away the skin.

    i want to see this movie, the actor that plays the cantor is a cutie.

  5. I want to see this movie. It seems different and like she will be really good at it.

  6. As long as Toni isn’t trying to do her overtly sexual act, which it doesn’t look like she is considering I see a church theme in this movie, her acting might be pretty decent.

  7. No she has not knifed up her face….she has lupus which makes her face puffy and different looking at times. Stop talking about what you don’t know about.

  8. Sorry, TCB, but Toni has had a nose job. A very obvious one at that.

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