Fit in Your Jeans by Friday

kim6kim4kimFitness is essential especially for African-Americans. I’m 5’2, 117 pounds and just recently started to prioritize exercising in my everyday life. My motto is if you look good on the outside it will help you feel better on the inside. Kim Kardashian and her trainer Kathy Kaehler recently launched a new workout DVD called “Fit in Your Jeans by Friday”. I was a little skeptical about the DVD at first, assuming it was just another unreliable workout DVD created by a celebrity. Suprisingly I have been recieving great reviews on this workout DVD. The only negative review was it focuses more on arms than abs. Kim’s DVD is is a three title DVD designed to have you into the latest denim trends, in no time. It focuses on cardio, squats, lunges, and different techniques to tighten and tone your abs. Visit to purchase or just review the DVD.


  1. I’ve actually been using Kim’s dvds for about 2 months now and I really enjoy them. They help me as far as switching out my workouts…

  2. Well Ms. Ari because of your review and the one above I want to try this workout DVD. I believe it will be a nice alternative to my current workout schedule!

  3. hmmm… I may check this out. This is right black people do need to be more concerned with fitness. If I see one more fat black women in her daughters skirt thinking she’s cute, I am going to scream. Black people take the whole, “I’m fat and fine” thing too far. Diabetes is real and dangerous, and celulite isn’t cute in a mini.

    Back to the point. I didn’t think her video would be serious at all, so I’m going to check it out. Doesn’t Mel B have one too?

  4. i might have 2 go get this dvd cause ive been lookin 4 a workout to silm my hips down so i can get n sum of jeans and get my abs tights so we’ll c……

  5. What was the point of the author giving her stats? Hmmm, looks like this site needs an editor. I’m available if interested. You know how to reach me (via email).

  6. I agree. I hope this blog doesn’t turn into another Kin site. Black blogs seems to be devoted to promoting this woman at every twist and turn.

  7. ditto Mocha and Stacey. Can we black women have something for ourselves? damn

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