‘Flex & Shanice’ Coming to OWN


So, remember we told you a few months back singer Shanice Wilson and her husband Flex Alexander were in talks to star in their own family themed reality show? Well, via a press release issued last week, the pair will officially unveil “Flex and Shanice” on May 31st via the OWN network.

The one-hour primetime special will reportedly give viewers a glimpse into the life of the celebrity couple and their extended family, including Shanice’s mother, who the couple recently moved in with after suffering several financial setbacks.

Flex is probably best known for his role on UPN’s “One on One,” while Shanice is best known for hit 1991 single “I Love Your Smile.” While Flex has worked consistently since “One On One” went off the air in 2006, Shanice has kept a pretty low profile over the years, performing here and there, but choosing mostly to be a stay at home mom to their two children; 12-year old Imani and 10-year old Elijah.

Check out the trailer below and do let us know what you think.

My thoughts: While I am happy Flex and Shanice have an opportunity to get back on their feet via this show, I am sad to see them have to expose parts of their lives better left unknown to us.


  1. Aw, I’m sorry to see them give in to the reality bug. I know it pays, but I hate what reality tv does to people and their families. All you’re doing is inviting people into your home, leaving yourself open for scrutiny, being made fun of…

    But, whatever.

  2. I feel you on the fact that we don’t need to know some details for their lives, but am glad they are on tv. it is sad to see how people have to basically sell their soul to be able to practice their craft. i will be watching it though

  3. @LOVELY:

    Totally, agree with you. Nothing but reality shows for these brothas and sistas, real shame. The media will consider this an invitation into their personal lives.

    Just to digress for a moment. I really loved her hit song, “I love Your Smile.”

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4eva!


  4. I’m sorry to see this as well. They are one of my favorite couples and I’m afraid this will come between them like most other reality show couples. Did they pray about this?? Seriously.

  5. I wish them well and hope their marriage survives this career direction! But, a check is a check and maybe it’ll help promote a new CD. I watched Beverly Johnson’s reality show on OWN and it was cringe-worthy! People really went in on her and believed everything her daughter said or was in agreement with her behavior (hard to watch her and her husband). But, obviously it was a boost in their business interests as a mother-daughter enterprise. Bev is a true boss and business woman! It appeared very unscripted with the “issues”…fix my life kinda stuff. So I hope Shanice and Flex are ready to tread these waters, maximize all opportunities and QUICKLY FLEE! I would love a new CD to add to Toni and Tamar’s…R&B Collection…post music decline…

  6. Well, we know how this is going to end. Reality shows don’t last without drama. I hope they’re ready for the comments from the blogs and don’t fall prey to pressure of having to create drama within their family to make the show relevant.

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