“For Colored Girls” Movie Trailer

The first official trailer for Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls” has just been released. The film is set to open November 5th and as you all know, stars Janet Jackson, Kerry Washington, Thandie Newton and just about every other black actress in Hollywood. The trailer is really awesome and if you aren’t already excited about seeing this film, you will be once you finish watching it.


  1. OMG I’m all shooked up! AND CRYING! This might be the first Tyler Perry piece I will see on the big screen instead the little. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who’s singing the song? *wiping eyes*

  2. I look forward to the film but really excited to see what’s included on the soundtrack.

  3. i’m holding out for judgement right now. i never read the book or seen the play so i can’t compare just yet.
    off of what i’ve seen it looks like a good movie. i hope it’s good. i want it to be good cuz i’ll be paying 7 bucks to see this joint(after student discount). my money ain’t no joke.

  4. @terry in toronto
    do you think janet will be on the soundtrack? i want to know what the soundtrack will be like also.

  5. THANK YOU!!!! No shade to Tyler, but this film does not look like one of his. I’m teary eyed just from this trailer. I’m in total countdown mode now!!

  6. The trailer is exciting and definitely puts me in the mood. I want to see more. I have such high hopes for this movie. I hope to be pleased when I see it. Everyone’s role looks powerful. I kind of get a ‘Women of Brewtser Place” vibe from it.

  7. Since I do not know what the book was about… I’m going to pretend like I wasn’t totally lost viewing this trailer. All I saw is a bunch of women with man problems. Looks like it will be quite entertaining though…

    Love the diverse cast and still love me some Tyler Perry, so this might actually get me to the theater instead of the DVD rack.


  8. WHOOPI GOLDBERG is gonna OWN this film, i can already see it. I seriously cannot wait for this movie. I am UBER excited.

  9. To those throwing shade already, go read the book that was written over three decades ago. In terms of black female perceptions and identity, this is a pretty significant film. I have high expectations for it. Trailer looks good.

  10. Bring on November 5th!!! This looks like it will be Tyler’s best film yet!!!

  11. @ JUSME,

    THANK YOU! 30 years old! I’m usually ‘meh’ when it comes to Tyler Perry films, but this one, this trailer has seriously won me over. He didn’t write the story; just directed it. @CIDERKISS, black dysfunction? I think this film might be uplifting much in the same way “The Women of Brewster Place” was. Black women are so diverse; and we all suffer sad and happy times. Black dysfunction? Nah, I’m thinking more like reality but in a figurative, contextual format such as a film based on a play that is basically a series of poems. We’ll see. I’m excited! LOL

  12. This movie definitely seems like it will be very touching and tell a beautiful story about The “BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN”, “AFRICAN QUEENS & GODESSESS”. I,as a Brotha, hope this movie gives insight to you sistas and bring you to realize just how “BEAUTIFUL” you are with your God given traits.

    You don`t have to buy into the white mans`,or whites perception of beauty in general. They brainwash us and cause us to hate our own beauty. It`s really a sad situation when you really analyze it. Just consider the commercial with Beyonce promoting ‘CoverGirl’, I think it is.

    I`ve never watched the full ad, only to first 2-3 seconds because I immediately turn away; I can`t turn away quickly enough. I swear to God she looks like a “WHITE WOMAN” with all the straight hair and all. But hey this is what “WHITE AMERICA” has done to us.

    She`s promoting a product, undoubtedly because of the financial gain, while subconsciously denying and hating her Black traits, heritage and culture. While it`s true that I`m not a fan of hers nor her music,obviously, this is not about being a hater as we so often accuse one another of being, just an observation.

    Michael Jackson & The “GOLDEN 80s 4ever!!! R.I.P. “MASTER SHOWMAN”.

    Peace, in the spirit of, my “HERO”, BROTHA Malcolm X,El Hajj-Malik-El- Shabazz, Omowole. R.I.P. BROTHA Malcolm.

    “No I don`t worry, I`m a man who believe that I died 20 yrs ago, and I live like a man who`s dead already. I have NO FEAR whatsoever of anybody or anything”.

    Malcolm X

  13. If this movie is anything like the play it will be very abstract and interesting. The movie is not really about dysfunction but real life for colored girls.

  14. ^^^WHOA, I heard tell that’s why the release was bumped up to November. I also heard tell of a critic, a mainstay in the upper echelons of HollyweirdLand and MovieMaking-copia that this feature WILL be nominated. In what capacity (acting, direction, set, screenplay, etc.) I do not know.

  15. i watch this damn trailer at least 10 times a day lol. Its soooo addicting. I havent been this interested in a film in years. I seriously cannot wait.

  16. I know some people have opposing thoughts about this movie, but I still look forward to seeing.

  17. if theres rape in this movie (like I think I saw in the photo) like precious I aint watching it… I cant watch a woman get raped no can do

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