“For Colored Girls” Cast Posters

Check out these recently released character posters from Tyler Perry’s upcoming film “For Colored Girls.” Set to be released November 5th, the film is an adaptation of the 1975 stage play “For Colored Girl Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf.” Word is the film was moved up so it would be eligible for Oscar contention. Clearly Lionsgate Pictures think they have a winner on their hands.

I was checking the status of the film just last week when I noticed a few more names added to the cast. Michael Ealy, Hill Harper and the oh so fine Khalil Kain (remember him from Juice and Love Jones, ladies) all have co-starring roles in the film; no doubt as the men in the lives of the various female characters


  1. I was checking the status of the film just last week when I noticed a few more names added to the cast. Michael Ealy…

    G’lawd! Word?!?!?! YASSS! After seeing Takers this weekend I’m on an Ealy-HIGH! G’lawd, have you ladies seen that film? All that sexy testosterone!!! It was too much!

    These posters look like horror-movie posters. LOL. I do like a couple of them: Janet’s, Thandie’s, Whoopi’s.

    I may actually go see this film now. Nov. 16th? Yup, yup. I should.

  2. Yes!! Anika Noni Rose, Kimberly Elise, Janet, Whoopi, Loretta Devine, and Kerry Washington – stellar cast already and then when you add Hill Harper and Micheal Ealy – this movie should be superb!!!

  3. the way they are building up this here movie it better be good. i like those posters. janet looks like she’d get ya if you stare at the picture too long. i could see her playing some temptress in a movie. even though i don’t think that’s her natural colour, her contacts look pretty they make the picture pop. whoopi….. she look like she got got by janet.
    haha, let me stop.

  4. Im loving these posters. Janet looks delicious, Kerry looks gorgeous, im loving Whoopi’s poster and Kimberly poster is probably my favorite. I cant wait to see the movie and I hope that they all promote the movie together. That would be a real treat.

  5. I can’t wait, and I am not just saying that because of all of the sexy mancandy that I will see. lol

  6. Can’t wait!!!

    A great women’s film, for men too…and all the actors are not just good, but very good…Tyler delivered on the casting if nothing else and these thespians don’t play! I hope he stayed true to the original work. I will just scream if Tyler Perry gets a nomination for Best Director and I expect some of the cast to get nominations…usually, TP doesn’t screen his films to the press…but, I’m sure this one has been screened by plenty of power brokers and is being lobbied already for the entertainment industry’s highest honor, Oscar…as for entertainment value and relevancy, I hope it’s on the level of “A Color Purple” or “Joy Luck Club”… We’ll soon find out!

  7. Nice pictures, the concept works, it couldn’t have but it’s actually a good look. Janet’s pic stands out the most.

    I love me some Claire Huxtable waiting to see Ms. Rashad on the big screen… This should be a good movie, has some really good actresses, but I hope Tyler doesn’t let the movie focus so much on Janet. Janet is awesome but has been the main event for the last few of his movies, I need a break. Notice I said I.


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