For the Other Woman

Yes, another Christmas is fast approaching and the married man that you were creeping with for most of 2012 won’t be spending it with you! MmmmHmmm, that’s right!! Because Christmas, if he did spend a few hours with you, was just a holiday string-along. I bet he told his wife that he was running out for batteries for little John-John’s remote control—for 6 hours! So, if you’re feeling like a big fat loser this holiday season, just remember… girl it could be worse.

Holidays are typically very emotional and very hard for the other woman. It reminds you that it is the end of the year and he still hasn’t done anything to change his current circumstances—because he may not want to (and why should he?)! But you don’t want to think about that, because hope is a very powerful emotion for the other woman. Because no matter how suicidal or homicidal you’re feeling this holiday season, there is a bright side… You can dump him because you deserve better, and mark the new year coming up as a brand new start and a new beginning. OR, you can continue being alone and his personal side piece whenever he decides to come around.

This time of year as usual… you’ll be sweatpants clad, with nowhere to go, frequently drunk and eternally enraged! Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and even his birthday—those occasions are most difficult because they follow each other and they’re all reserved for his family and this leaves you, the other woman, out in the cold… again and again.

And know this—that the married man will do and say anything, especially during the holidays to hang on to you. “If only I’d met you years ago”, he’ll purr. To an emotionally needy woman, that statement sounds like a hugely flattering line, so, you’ll believe him. And he will then morph into another lie, “I wish I was waking up to you instead, on Christmas day.” Yep, just another lie, to hold on to you. Ladies, just remember, and understand this: HE’S NOT LEAVING HIS WIFE! IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AND IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!! So dump his ass once and for all! …And to all, a good night.

Alexis Gigi Thornton is a published writer and author of: FAMILY, FRIENDS, HUSBANDS AND LOVERS…THE BEST OF ENEMIES. For more information, please visit:


  1. I wish someone would write an article belittling the men in these relationships. Why must we always come down on the other woman? Yes, cavorting around with a married man is wrong immorally and otherwise, but oftentimes these women have been coerced into these relationships. Some women get involved get involved not knowing the man is married and then once (they think their) in love feel trapped or compelled to stay.

    Just saying…..

    Throw some shade at some of these shady men sometime.

  2. I agree Tracy it is a two way street.

    I am in no way condoning adultery, however to play Devil’s Advocate what if the other woman is okay with her situation dating a married man. Who] says she does have to be home while her married lover is with his family.

    Just saying though…

  3. As the married man, this article is so true. I have even told her that she should find another man to be with because she is the total package. If I wasn’t with my wife then I could see us together but as you said I have no plans to leave my wife and family. I want my lover to find someone that will be with her on holidays and those special events. Maybe next time we both are free and single, we can come back together as 1…

  4. I am the wife. It’s bad enough that married men DO cheat, but they only accomplish what they set out to do because other women make themselves available to them; if they didn’t, married men wouldn’t have anyone to cheat with. So it is up to the woman because she is the vessel; she has the power. And since most married men lack discipline and self control, it is up to the woman to make the decision to NOT be available to the married man.

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