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It Was All Good Until He…

caramelkisses said:

Ladies, what’s an absolute dealbreaker in dealing with someone who could’ve been a potential mate?

You know… you’re talking for a minute, everything seems to be going well until he ___. Even if nothing like this ever happened, what *would* be a dealbreaker?

Fill in the blank… I’ll go first…

It was all good until he asked me to get him a cell phone in my name on our first date.

Your turn. This shoud be interesting, lol.

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  1. It was all good until he quit both his jobs and then lied and said he was laid off. Ok so now you are not working and you are a liar. Didn’t you realize that I would figure it out sooner or later. I guess he was hoping later!

  2. It was all good until he ask me what position i like when im having sex. That is the biggest turn off. LOL

  3. It was all good until he pulled out his half smoked marijuana blunt, proceeded to light up, take a draw, and blow smoke in my face.

  4. It was all good until he told me bout his baby momma dramas….

  5. It was all good until …..he stopped calling! LOL

  6. It was all good until he had to explain where the so-called million dollar “settlement” was supposed to come from.

    As an explanation for his spotty employment, he told me that he’d actually written Master P’s movie “Foolish”. He claimed that he’d written the original version (then supposedly called “Tears of a Clown”), and, in the middle of negotiations, Master P abruptly ended all communication. Then, 8 months later he saw “his” movie on the big screen.

    Supposedly, by the time we met his lawyers and Master P’s lawyers had reached a settlement date and amount. So, now all I had to do was wait for the money to roll in.


  7. Love it! I have several deal breakers, here are my favorite:

    Told me he was married, but separated. Doesn’t matter your still married!(Side note: he had no intentions of getting divorced)

    He begged me to kiss him and when I kissed him on the cheek, he through a temper tantrum cause I didn’t kiss him on the lips. Someone needed to grow up!

    Called me at 3am and accused me of having another man,(who I did not know) call your phone. I was like OMG who is that? I told you I was single and I have only known you a week! lol

  8. It was all good until I told him that I am a virgin waiting til marriage. Most of these men aint sh*t! Sorry, I’m still bitter…………….

  9. It was all good until I found out he was a drunk, and seriously joked about going to his daughter’s soccer games waisted. WTF!

    Seriously I met him traveling for my job. He was sooooooo professional and sweet at work, but off the clock he was a complete a**hole! Freaking psycho!

  10. Oh and you guess should really read the original posts at the forums! They are 10x as funny as the replies you read here. Like this one by diva4ever:

    “It was all good until he opened his mouth to tell me about his 3 or 4 kids that didn’t exist three weeks before when we first started talking.”


  11. It was all good until he had a mood swing. I can’t stand a moody @$$ man, that is such a turn off. Women are moody enough, but on a man it’s just ugly.

  12. it was all good until he said he only asked me out cause i look like his ex-girl….well excuse the hell out of me……

  13. It was all good until he acted like we weren’t exclusive and saw me out with another man. He DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING to me at the time- but when he got me by myself he cornered me in on some ‘ol abusive type stuff… jus like a weak az (excuse my french) N!!@@*!!!

  14. It was all good until he told me he lied about his age. Liar, Liar !!

  15. It was all good until he went to jail and when he got out he asked me to give some money so he could get his cell phone turned back on and so that he could give his mama some money. OH HELL NO!!!!

  16. . . . until he asks if he comes across as gay . . . and won’t stop pressing for an answer. Dude, if you’re not sure, than neither am I!!! Next!!

  17. it was good until he slapped me for “getting smart” and i had to whup ass
    then he had the nerve to tell me that a violent woman is a turn off…

  18. It was all good until he told me he had 6 babies by 6 different women!!! d@mn shame…

  19. LOL, these are funny. I’m an old married lady now but I had a few exes that I had to pump the brakes on.

    It was all good until….

    I met his mother. Some of these moms out there are crazy as all get out, especially the ones that are single. I’m not taking away a mate from you, ma’am, I am DATING YOUR SON. Why all the hostility? Not my fault you never found happiness…

  20. It was all good until he saw me in person and ran the other way, calling me later to tell me he was too shy to talk to me face to face.

    And we’re 30. What the h@ll??

  21. @ all the comments r very good one got me over here laughing. Keep having question like this to us at least once a week. I love to see how people r feeling or doing on this site. Keep them good comments coming.

  22. It was all good until the first time he came over, fell asleep during the movie and slobbed on the arm of my sofa!

  23. It was all good until he….. told me that he couldn’t see himself only having sex with just me???!!!! Now i appreciate the honesty, but ladies… Aint that some shyt?

  24. LMAO at ya’ll comments

    ……… , . – . – , _ , ………
    ……… ) ` – . .> ‘ `( …….
    …….. / . . . .`\ . . \ ……..
    …….. |. . . . . |. . .| ……..
    ……… \ . . . ./ . ./ ……….
    ……….. `=(\ /.=` ……….
    …………. `-;`.-’ ………….
    …………… `)| … , ………
    ……………. || _.-’| ………
    …………. ,_|| \_,/ ……….
    ……. , ….. \|| .’ ………….
    ……. |\ |\ ,. ||/ …………..
    …. ,..\` | /|.,|Y\, …………
    ….. ‘-…’-._..\||/ ………….
    ……… >_.-`Y| ……………
    ………….. ,_|| …………….
    ……………. \|| ……………
    …………….. || ……………
    …………….. || ……………
    …………….. |/ ……………

  25. it was all just too too good, buying me candy, clothes, and giving me money, until i went to a gay club with one of my gay male friends and he was there too..dancing with some man.


  26. It was all good until I knocked on his door and he told me to come in and I walked in to him sitting on the couch with another woman holding her baby in one hand and her weave in the other …WTF… I sat down beside them… lol. and she wasn’t his baby momma!

  27. Oh! This is sooo good!! lol! Ya’ll killing me! I needed the laughs.:) Here’s a FEW:

    It was all good til… he told me after sex that I was the 87th girl he slept with! Thank God for rubbers and birth control!

    It was all good til…on the first date he told me that he ex-girlfriend was his soul mate and she looked like Gabrielle Union.

    It was all good til… my mother told me that he was my 3rd cousin( country folks and small towns, I tell ya.) and I didn’t even know!

    It was all good til…he pushed me and I called the po-po and he ran out my house and sped off in his car like a fugitive.

    It was all good til…we went to dinner and he ate three appetizers, two main courses, drank’d six glasses of Pepsi and asked for a whole cheescake. He weighed like 160 pounds. I asked him was going home and throw all of it up! I lost my appetite after that three appetizer…

    I could go on… Sad.

  28. I’m with Liyah my biggest turn off is a dude that has severe mood swings. I’m the same person in the morning, afternoon, and night… so to deal with someone that is always hot or cold drives me crazy.

  29. It was all good till he told me that he didnt have his liscence (sp) because he was in a hit and run (when he was younger?? unh hunh) with a child, then he turns to me with tears in his eyes talking bout ” and its not something Im proud of…but Ima get it back in 2010 though”!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!! boy I gotta go see ya!!!!

  30. [quote comment=”27156″]it was good until he slapped me for “getting smart” and i had to whup ass
    then he had the nerve to tell me that a violent woman is a turn off…[/quote]
    Girl stopLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. It was good until his children’s mother called my house and cell talking crazy??? HTF she get ALL my numbers???

  32. [quote comment=”27172″]it was all just too too good, buying me candy, clothes, and giving me money, until i went to a gay club with one of my gay male friends and he was there too..dancing with some man.

    now that’s some sh*t I don’t want to experience!!!

  33. [quote comment=”27155″]. . . until he asks if he comes across as gay . . . and won’t stop pressing for an answer. Dude, if you’re not sure, than neither am I!!! Next!![/quote]
    LMAO!!! I’m not sure either!!!

  34. It was all good until…. On the first and last date, he told me I had sexy lips- then turned to me smiling and asked: “How long do you think you could keep my “unit” in your mouth?” “Not long” I replied smiling, “I would simply bite it off and hand it back to you”. Needless to say, he all of a sudden had to cut the evening short, because he had to be at work “early” in the morning.

  35. Nothing bad happened because i’m married to the man i first love
    but the big turn off is a man without manner i mean i went to charm school and there is a minimun so:

    It was all good until he farted, picked his nose, had a bad breath, could not sit straight and had this weird smell !!!


  36. It was all good until i found out he was still married to his older two kids’ mom; lived with his mistress AT HER PARENTS HOUSE w/ 5 kids (two were his); and he thought I could give him a beautiful son. Mind you he just got “laid off”


  37. It was All Good until…he urinated in my bed (while he was asleep).

  38. It was all good until I caught him sitting on the toilet in my children’s bathroom snorting cocaine! WTF! No wonder you can’t perform!

  39. LMAO about the last post for Lady too funny!!

    I do have another one…It was all good until we woke up that morning and this dude had is thumb in his mouth 38 year old man sucking away I was like WTF time for you to go buddy…Remind you the sex was great too he had a hook….Such a disappointment

  40. It was all good until :

    we kissed and he covered my mouth AND nose in the sloppiest, wettest, gross kiss ever

    I used your restroom to wash my hands and looked down in the toilet to massive streaks left behind

    we were about to get intimate, I looked down and there was absolutely no printi whatsoever in ur pants. You then grabbed my hand and told me to feel how hard you were and I felt the equivalent of a thumb.

  41. Ok, me and this guy dated for like 6mths no sexual contact and it was good a relationship, no pressure to have sex, he wined and dined me , he met my family and vice versa his, spent holidays together visitings families and one evening he invited me back to his house after a date, It was good until we had sex together and it was not what I had anticipated, so nevertheless , the saying small things comes in good package is true. Because he is really a sweet genuine guy he is just lacking in that area. Who said size matter?!?!?!?!?!??!?

  42. It was all good until he took me to meet his mother and grandmother on our first date!!! And now I’m being grilled about marriage.

    It was all good until I realized that I could wrap my whole hand around his “unit”

    By the way, yall are cracking me up!!!! 🙂

  43. It was all good untill I found out he was Jehovah Witness (please forgive me if I offended anyone) Being any other religion clashes with Jehovah witnesses!


    His mom was over protective and has not been with anyone since her divorce to her husband when my ex was 8 and he is now 32….

  44. He looked at me and said “Sometimes I like, look at you, and I go “Aw she’s so cute, she looks like she’s like 13″….but then I have to tell myself you’re 19 and I CAN talk to you.” What in the hell? Seemed creepy to me.

  45. ^^ Wow…extremely creepy lol! He’s probably scarred by too many ‘To Catch a Predator’ episodes.

  46. It was all good until i went to his house and was confronted with every kind of insect imaginable…the horror…i had to stop myself from gagging…

  47. It was all good until he said “I want to just lay with you on floor & hold you”. He is already laying on my couch. Why would I want to lay on the floor when I have a bed. Did I mention that he straddled me on my couch like a girl would do a guy. I laughed at him the whole time. Oh by the way…this was the first & last date

  48. I have a few of my own ladies

    IT WAS ALL GOOD UNTILl…. he openned his mouth to talk….lol! and I was trying to figure out what the heck was that smell. I thought I had stepped in some pooh! My bad it was his breath…I didn’t know if I should offer him a real tooth brush or a toilet brush….ewwww! That’s just nasty!

    IT WAS ALL GOOD UNTIL…he took me out and his card was declined (all 3). I kindly excused myself to use the restroom…..@home!

    Last but not least IT WAS ALL GOOD UNTIL…he called to make plans with me for the day. Hangs up! Then called me right back to make another date but he must have pressed the wrong call back number because when I told him I had plans already for today (I’m thinking he was playing so I played along) until he gets mad at me and said he didn’t think it would work between us because I get around too much….I told him to look at his phone to see who you called…(silence)…when he realized he called the wrong person….I had already hung up! Then he texted me to say “I guess I blew huh”…I told him he must be borderline retarted or something and to kick Rocks!

    Thank God I’m married now!lol! God bless Ladies!

  49. it was all good until …..
    1. He Proposed marriage to me over a text message
    2. He called off the proposal by text message
    3. I founf out that he had a chick on the side and she did porn
    4. Refused to meet my family

  50. It was all good until he told me …..
    -That he want to taste me, and suck a fart out of my ass, 12 minutes into our first date!

    -That he loved me, and wanted to be with me, but that he could not leave his wife for me. I didn’t even know he was married!

    -That he was the boss in a relationship, and that he was not above “putting a smack down”, to get his point accross. I kindly pointed him to the door.

  51. It was all good until he stuck his finger up his nose and wiped it on his shirt. Yuck!

  52. oh yeah!

    It was all good until he asked me if he could write me a check for $200.00 in exchange for cash and the check BOUNCED!!!

  53. I agree with Liyah and Tiffany…. dealing with a man who doesn’t know what he wants and often have mood swings is crazy and a major deal breaker… This is my current boyfriend… and yeah he’s driving me nuts…. LOL

    It was all good until I realized that he was a h@# and big liar….. NEXT

  54. All these stories are hiliarious!!!

    Here’s mine:
    This man was sweet, nice, had that thug quality but not really a thug..IT WAS ALL GOOD til he asked me to sell drugs for him!!! I said WTF I look like on the fucking block, I don’t fucking think so..and then had the nerve to say I wasn’t down for him and tried to get mad. Kick Rocks Nigga!! It’s a damn shame.

  55. It was all good till he told me he had a crazy fetish……and asked to go dowm on me while I urintaed in his mouth. Best beleive we will never cohabitate the same area of earth again.

  56. I’m late …but it was all good until we kissed and his saliva was as thick as a milkshake. That was years ago..but I don’t fuck’s with yuck mouths. If you don’t drink water…you have a yuck mouth…if you don’t scrape your tongue…you have a yuck mouth….cause your saliva is thick and nasty.

  57. it was all good until we kissed … yuck! he didnt know how to use his lips .. it was funny cuz he taught he was doin something by hold’n my face n sucking my poor lips off !

  58. This was good, had me LoL @ work, so I had 2 put in

    1st He told me he was 40 and married with 2 kids 16 and 13… I was only 18 that was a definite NO

    2nd I let a friend spend the night only to wake up to him trying to get in! I went and slept with my roommate, no homo LoL

    3rd He asked me if I would strip at his homeboy’s house party Getthakcufouttahere!

  59. @ Daisy
    Girl that is some sick mess right there! WTF?! that would mos def be a QUICK deal breaker right there!

  60. It was good until he opened his mouth and displayed his tongue ring! A big NO NO!

  61. It was all good until…

    He told me he had a surprise for me and then unveiled his brand new nipple rings (both nipples!)….dude was already suspect, and I’m pretty sure he did not get that for me (If you know what I mean) ????

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