Fox Pulls the Plug on ‘Scream Queens’


Fox Officially Cancels Scream Queens

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Fox has cancelled Scream Queens. The Ryan Murphy-produced series struggled in the ratings throughout its two-season run, securing a 1.0 demo during its freshman year, and an even lower 0.6 during its sophomore.

Scream Queens co-starred Keke Palmer, who played sorority girl Zayday Williams, and Niecy Nash, who recurred as security guard Denise Hemphill.

Today’s cancelation was mostly a formality by Fox, as everyone knew the show would most likely not get a third season. The majority of the cast, Keke and Niecy included, have already booked new gigs. Keke is joining the Epix drama Berlin Station, while Niecy can presently be seen starring in the TNT drama Claws.

As for Murphy, his relationship with Fox continues thanks to his recent production, 9-1-1, getting a straight to series order from the network. The show stars Angela Bassett and centers on a group of 911 operators and first responders.

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  1. This should’ve been on MTV. It would’ve been a success over there. Glad everyone has found new work already. I’ll have to check out Claws when I’m in an especially good move because Niecy Nash’s personality can really be grating.

  2. Honestly, I liked the show but they barely pulled off a “believable” season two.

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