Fox Wants a ‘Scandal’


Fox Picks Up New Series by Scandal Producer

Fox is looking for their very own Scandal. Via published reports, the network has already picked up Justice, a new legal drama from real life crisis manager Judy Smith. For those of you outta the loop, Smith is the executive producer and inspiration behind ABC’s hit political drama Scandal.

Justice will reportedly center around a high-powered African American woman who has recently been named U.S. Attorney. This is a role Smith knows a great deal about having been an Assistant United States Attorney before joining the Bush administration in 1991.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox is hoping to get the show on the air by next fall, though no official time table has been given. Casting news is also a bit slim, though you guys know me, I think Nicole Beharie would be perfect in this role as well. She played an attorney on several episodes of The Good Wife, so I know this is something she could easily pull off. However, given what happened on Sleepy Hollow, I think it’s safe to say Nicole and Fox may not be working together anytime soon.


Another worthy contender is Dreamgirls actress Anika Noni Rose. She too appeared in several episodes of The Good Wife, and in my opinion is one of the most underrated actresses out there. She can presently be seen playing LaVerne Thomas on Power. She’s also landed the role of Eva on the upcoming BET drama The Yard.


  1. Fox would just screw it up like they do all their shows. Have you guys noticed Fox doesn’t have one hit show besides Empire? Everything else they touch quickly turns to caca. All their shows have a demo below 2.0. Only Empire and American Idol and Glee have been hits. Everything else has been a bonafide dud and at some point you’ve got to look at management. I think they’re trying to go back to the early days now by looking to black folks to put them back on the map. Fox needs to face it, they’ll never be NBC, CBS or ABC.

  2. Agreed Geneva. Fox would screw this up like they screw up every show they get their hands on. I’m not even excited about this. Plus it’ll just be a procedural and I’m so tired of those. Enough already.

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