Foxy Brown In Action

Foxy Someone with a camera and a really keen eye caught Foxy Brown (pre-jail) on film having an altercation with a pedestrian (s). In the video, Foxy is seen arguing with a man on the street, throwing something at him and then chasing him down. Later on you see another man heading for Foxy with “The Club” and being restrained by another man who witnessed the altercation. What set Foxy off is not known exactly, but what is apparent is why Foxy sits in jail today. If nothing else, this video is testament to why sometimes it is just best to walk away.

Video Removed By Request


  1. How many men is she fighting with? I see her throw something at the man on the bike and later on another Black guy in a white shirt is seen coming at her with a club while the guy on the bike looks on.

  2. In the city you see stuff like this all the time. Women in New York ain’t scared to fight a man or men. Foxy is just being who she is which is why she is in jail right now. She lucky she didn’t get dealt with cause that throwing ish don’t go over well in the hood. The dude on the bike was real cool but you see that other guy wasn’t having it. If that dude hadn’t held him back Foxy would have been in the hospital rather than a jail cell.

  3. wow, how crazy is it to look out your window and see a famous person getting into a street brawl, lol. This truly is a once in a lifetime situation i’d think, lol.

  4. Video of Foxy Brown assaulting someone is nothing new. Years ago she was shown backstage at a concert doing the same to a fan. It was before the internet era so most people don’t know about it though.

  5. She’s crazy. I don’t even need a video to confirm this. She needs to take like 4 years worth of anger management classes. Hopefully jail will change her. Her attitude is the reason why her career is in the dumps.

  6. I think just because she argues with guys on the street does not mean she has to go to jail. But maybe her anger led to it. Actually I do not know why she is in prison. Hey but isn’t it the new thing? I mean Paris Hilton, Britney … I thought all of them wanna go nowadays :thumbsup:

  7. I’m a little confused by what I saw. It appears the guy threw something at Foxy’s car first and then she confronted him. Maybe I missed something.

    Foxy is just plain wrong for not keeping herself in check. That man who came after her with a club should be in jail because I’m pretty sure this wasn’t his first, nor will be his last, time attempting to assault a woman.

    Road rage is a beast and gets to the best of us sometimes especially in traffic like that. Still, Foxy is too old be going off on folks the way she does.

  8. Just a technical note: In my version of Firefox, there a big Adbrite pillar ad on top of the main page; it’s not at the side, like I assume it’s meant to be.

    On the video: it’s best just to walk away, unless you’re actually being physically attacked, and can’t back out. Court cases, jail time, hospitalisation; who needs them?

  9. Foxy sit your ghetto butt down chick…Ever heard of etiquette 101? pretty chick though.


  11. Indeed she’s a little nuts, i appreciate her guts fighting with mens, but why she is in prison now ? she’s a good rap female

  12. [foxy is really pretty on a personal note] if anyone trow something at me i wouldnt be happy neither but if it have to get physical it needs to be about something that matters ei: someone disrespecting your family or hurting them then someone will visit my clinic for some stiches but her attitude is degrading and it doesnt make us look good i dont why those that are supposed to “represent “us act like that there she is figthing whit someone,there’s the other dumbass barbie doll pink skin wishing she was shakira i mean come on already and those ignorant get support and praises for their actions by other dumbasses amazing …. what world would we let to our childrens?….. i don’t wanna share my heritage with people like that

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