Foxy Looks Fabulous

Foxy Brown Cover Foxy Brown isn’t letting a little thing like jail stand in her way of making music. The sista has released her first single, We Will Not Surrender, and to your right is what I am told is the cover art for that single. What can I say? The sista looks good. As many of you know, poor Inga Marchand will be “away” for the next year as a result of her breaking the terms of her probation. It seems the moment she was locked up her label decided to rush her single to capitalize off of the media attention. However I don’t think it’s going to work. With Foxy away she can’t promote her single and album in any way and going to jail to pump up album sales doesn’t work anymore and honestly should have never worked.

Still, I would like to see Foxy have some success with this single/album as I think the sista deserves some good news and I’m sure knowing she still has some fans out there would help lift her spirits.

The single is available for purchase on Itunes.


  1. I have a soft spot in my heart for foxy. I think she is hypersensitive. She gets insulted very easy and it comes out in anger. I really hope for some positive things for her, she has been through alot. Losing a baby, losing her hearing and getting locked up. Although I think some of it was her fault, I’d still like to see life get better for her.

  2. :iagree: with Liyah wholeheartedly. I pray that this stint in jail/prison will allow her to get close w/ the Lord and figure out if she’s going to seperate herself from all the wrong and drama that existed pre-prison. Why do people always want to come out w/ something b4 going to jail?
    She should’ve waited but good luck to her (with everything).

  3. I don’t think anyone really cares about her anymore. Her past few years have been spent getting into legal trouble and that really doesn’t endear you to people. I wish her the best too but I think it’s afe to say her musical career is pretty much over at this point.

  4. she could very well be bipolar. A lot of African American people tend to ignore mental illness and autisim as if it is an embarassment. The shameful thing is not doing anything about it.

  5. I like Foxy her attitude just seems to get her butt in trouble. Speaking of Autism … I saw on the news this morning that it might be linked to vaccinations. That’s Crazy !!!

  6. Aaaw I heart Foxy and her crazy ass. I’ll be getting the album when or if it comes out. 🙂

  7. Yall like her until her crazy behind run up on you throwing cell phones, trying to rob you, or run you over 🙄
    She’s a clown :dance2:

  8. foxy is foxy i never supported her music, now lil kim on the other hand.

  9. Foxy i sa hot ass mess , @ yes I believe that she is bipolar like a muffu@@a if not what the hell else is wrong ~ she swears shes such a high class boss bitch but she cant stop actin like a $5.00 bitch , I bet she wont be throwin shit at ner one of them real felony havin bitches up there in Rikers ….. shes a joke , why did she have a cell phone any damn way I thoought she was deaf….I know that was mean @ cruel but soooooooooooo what, she looks like her puss is always staaaankin and her breath just aint quite right ~ haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa yea I said it

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