France Bans ‘Think Like a Man’

According to published reports, “Think Like a Man,” the blockbuster film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s bestseller “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” has been banned in France for- get this- the cast’s lack of diversity.

The film was reportedly set to be released, but then got the boot because it supposedly favored black couples and according to Global Voices Online, French films tend to either favor white or mixed raced couples (ie, black man/white woman), but never exclusively black.

It is well known that films with mostly black casts are rarely shown overseas. As a matter of fact, Tyler Perry’s films, which are often huge in the U.S., are usually only released on DVD in many European countries, including France.

Sony Pictures is reportedly trying to appeal the decision, citing amongst other reasons, the interracial relationship between Gabrielle Union (Kristen) Jerry Ferrara’s (Jeremy) charaters.

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  1. France can suck it. We aint goin no where. Thats right, english at its finest.

  2. France is just up front about their ish. Whites want blacks to breed themselves out, marrying and mating with only whites. This is why they, just like the U.S. don’t like to show black men and women loving each other.

    This movie isn’t even all black. There are quite a few white and mixed race characters in it. I wonder if France does the same with movies that only show whites. We all know they don’t.

    But the bigger issue is for us to look within and support ourselves.

  3. Racism is still here in the 21st Century. And they say that Europe is accepting…

  4. It always baffles me when it comes to how other races perceive “BLACK LOVE”. Asian movies are acceptatble but where its black people in love it just simply doesnt go down too well. I will always wonder why that is, I mean its only natural to see love regardless of what the races are….these people have no love in their own lives for them to ban a movie because of its predominantly black cast!?!?!?! And as a BLACK WOMAN – Im sending them TONS OF LOVE hahahhahahah….they clearly need it.

  5. what a Great excuse to ban a all black cast movie that is extremely Successful. Racism isn’t Gone!!!

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