Friday Fab: Kerry Washington

Actress Kerry Washington attended last night’s Music Unites Fall Masquerade Gala in NYC. She looked fab in her all white strapless cocktail dress, and embellished black pumps. I love the fact she has little to no makeup on and still looks fabulous.


  1. Ok i disagree with whoever wrote this article for some reason i never found her attractive. I think it’s like her permanent pout or something.

  2. She’s knw what anyone sees in her, plus it was sooo painful towatch. Her ‘try’to be sexy in I think I love my wife..

  3. That’s because black is beautiful! Kerri looks like a Barbie doll she is so petite and pretty.

  4. She is beyond pretty she is beautiful. I don’t get some of these people on this blog we complain about the images of black women all the time, but, whenever a classy black lady comes out all you all do is dog her out. It is really sad.

  5. Just because she’s classy doesn’t mean she’s pretty, fine, beautiful or anything of that nature in my opinion. So how is that dogging her out???

  6. She’s so beautiful. I always thought so but it seems like every pic I see of her she just looks better in. Keep it up Kerry!!!

  7. It’s been a while since I seen her. But she is super fab, I love that dress and her hair and make up is perfect. Definately 2 thumbs up.

  8. LMAO, at “permanent pout”, but I’d love to have lips like that, some women morgage their house for lips like that.

  9. Kerry looks great, love the dress!

    I love her in the film “Lift”…she has plenty of talent, style and class and seems to be a caring person…loved how she campaigned for Obama early on, as a black actress where the roles are lean anyway!…I can understand why some may not see her beauty…she’s definitely different, her individual beautiful composition is what makes her pretty! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Kerry Washington and Joy Bryant are two of my favorite Black Hollywood Actresses.

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