Friday’s Photo Fix 8.03.07

    1. Meagan Good flaunts her still fabulous figure.

    2. Actress Regina Hall in a smoldering new photo shoot.

    3. Sanaa Lathan shows off her sexy inner diva.

    4. Model Tyra Banks struts her stuff in Central Park.

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  1. meagan good is pretty, and she is extra thick in those photo’s (NO HOMO) and tyra banks model photos are graceful and sanna lathan is pretty too i think that she get’s over đŸ™„ looked sometimes but i like all the friday photo’s :mrgreen:

  2. i looove meagan..she is soo pretty…sanaa is gorgeous.

  3. Sanaa looks pretty, and I’m so happy that she’s hooking up with J McMahon character on NPT. He’s a hottie. I guess doing Something New, really helped Sanaa’s career. I guess black actresses have to do interracial films, in order for Hollywood, to feel comfortable. Sanaa is doing her thing, congrats.

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