Friday’s Picture Roundup

Meagan Good and Ne-Yo stopped by 106 & Park to promote their new movie “Stomp The Yard.” I love Meagan but this sista’s dress is literally falling apart at the seams and is ill fitting.Her stylist, if she has one, has got to do better.
Meagan & Ne-YoMeagan GoodMeagan, Terrence & Rosci

Jennifer Hudson stops by The Late Show
Jennifer HudsonJennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson
Vanessa L. Williams portrait session at The People’s Choice Awards
Vanessa L. WilliamsVanessa L. WilliamsVanessa L. Williams
Garcelle Beauvais at the Diamond Fashion Show
Garcelle BeauvaisGarcelle BeauvaisGarcelle Beauvais
Jada Pinkett Smith and family promoting Persuit of Happyness in Paris
Jada P SmithJada P Smith & Will SmithThe Smith Family
Vivica Fox at The Boom Boom Room’s Baby And Kid Style Villa
Vivica FoxVivica Fox


  1. Something about the pic of Meagan , Terrence and Rosi is really cute.I agree her dress seems to be coming undone and it looks like it was made out of curtain fabric.She is such a pretty girl with a great figure.I would think stylists would be lining up to dress her.She should try hooking up with June Ambrose, that sister has great style.

    Jennifer looks great and it is nice to see her getting some shine.I hope to see more of Anika as well.

    Vanessa Williams looks great.She has aged beautifully and is always classy and elegant.

  2. I don’t watch 106 and Park but I have seen the new hosts but not until now did I realize how unatrractive Rosci is in the face.Terrence ain’t too hot either.From a distance they can pass but up close things aren’t too good 😆

    Meagan looks great from the head up.Her dress however does look cheap and thrown together.

    Ne Yo has some pretty pussy pink lips :lol2:

  3. Meagan still looks as old as she did in Eve’s Bayou. That’s not fair 😐

  4. Meagan is blessed with great genes.She is 25 and can still play tennagers.I wish she wouldn’t but it’s great that she can.When she is 40 she will probably only look 30.I hope she steps out of the roles she has been playing though.I want to see her do roles like Gabrielle Union does.Meagan would be as the lead female in a romantic comedy.

  5. Will and Jada are like the Black First Family.I really love them as a couple.If they ever get divorced I think I would go into mourning 😆
    Will is a fine example of a strong Black man taking care of his family, loving his wife and handling his business :thumbsup:

  6. Jada is looking good again.It was kinda shaky going there for a while.Every time I saw her with that band she was looking all muscular and tight around the neck.Nice to see she has loss some of that muscle mass and looks more feminine and lady-like again.

  7. Vivica is looking just awful.I saw “Two Can Play That Game” last night and thought of how pretty she used to be.Why would she destroy herself in such a way?

    (Sorry for the double post.I clicked submit too soon.)

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