Friday’s Picture Roundup

Janet Jackson has posed topless for V Magazine and the webmaster over at has provided the high quality scans for us all to enjoy.I know many people will complain that she is naked again blah, blah, blah- but I don’t care.Janet is gorgeous and can do no wrong in eyes.Check out the pics below and you can also read the article with Jean Paul Goude who explains how Janet’s shirt mysteriously came off for a shoot that originally had her covered from head to toe. Goce!!
Janet JacksonJanet JacksonJanet Jackson

Beyonce was in Germany promoting Dreamgirls today.

Beyonce In GermanyBeyonce In GermanyBeyonce In Germany

Beyonce was later spotted at L’Avenue Restaurant.


Lil Kim @ The CW Winter 2007 TCA Press Tour

Lil KimLil Kim & Robin AntinLil Kim

Jennifer Hudson was in Germany as well to promote Dreamgirls, while Vanessa Williams showed up at the Smokin’ Aces premiere.

Jennifer HudsonJennifer HudsonVanessa WilliamsVanessa Williams

Naomi Campbell leaving court earlier this week. Blu Cantrell at the Kitson Men Event.

Naomi CampbellNaomi CampbellBlu CantrellBlu Cantrell


  1. I’m so tired of naked Janet and Beyonce.Doesn’t anyone else exist besides these two chicks? :hater:

  2. Why are most of Jennifer Hudson’s pics small while Beyonce’s are large- just wondering?

  3. Folks can say what they want but Janet looks damn good.If my titties still stood up I’d be showing them too. :lol2:

  4. [quote comment=”2753″]Why are most of Jennifer Hudson’s pics small while Beyonce’s are large- just wondering?[/quote]
    Many sites thst post these pics alway leave Jennifer out and to get HQs of her I have to request them and by the time they get around to supplying them it’s useless to post them here especially when I can get the smaller versions and throw them up quickly.I also know you guys have been spoiled with HQs but I cannot always get my hands on them so sometimes medium sized images will just have to do.

  5. I’m not sure what to think of Janet anymore.I haven’t seen or heard anything from her in ages and when we do it is just the cover of some obscure magazine.I have never even heard of V magazine.Janet needs a career boost and fast.If her tour isn’t a smashing success she can kiss what is left of her career goodbye.

  6. I agree with keisha-K how many more times can you post this same picture of Janet it’s getting old and so is Beyonce. There are a lot more black women out here to talk about besides these two.


  7. Posting a thumbnail of a photo is not the same as posting the high quality version of a photo.Lots of people may get a small pic and preview it letting you know the bigger one is forth coming and that is what they did here.As for Beyonce, people want to know about her and see her so they post her.Read back articles posted on getting info on sistas and you will see why a handful of Black women are reported on here and most other sites.

  8. I agree with you there.This is one of my favorite sites and it is so because they don’t post the same stuff most other sites do.Pics and information I get here never gets talked about on other sites because they just focus on posting pics and often times not even a story or news to go with the pics.I kept checking back becasue I knew eventually they would post the HQ version of the Janet pics with the article and they did, they did the same with Beyonce’s GQ spread and Ciara’s Vibe spread.Most other sites posted small thumbs of the cover and no article but I knew Brown Sista would post the real thing and they did.Yeah Beyonce and Janet get much play here but I think that is because people want to see and know about them.But other sistas get time here too.Man I just love this site and hope the ladies keep doing there thing.If this site closes I have nothing to do or read while I’m at work. :banana:

  9. I was hoping you would post Janet’s bigguns.Old girl is bad to be 40 years old. :booty:

  10. I can do without Beyonce because they post that heffa everywhere.She is like a damn virus that infects every site online. 😡

  11. Can’t please everyone I guess.A lot of people hate Janet and Beyonce are are tired of their nekkid booties or fake poses.

  12. I’m glad you finally posted the big pics and full interview of Janet in V.I have never seen this magazine on racks anywhere so I have to get my info here and no one else has it or covered it but you.You showed us the small pics and promised bigger pics were coming and you delivered.That’s why I keep coming back.Keep on keepin’ on Brown Sistahs :brownsista:

  13. Oh yeah- Beyonce is becoming a real life Barbie doll right in front of our eyes.She has totally fallen to the White power structure that dictates what a Black woman must look like to become accepted.Her goldie-locks weave is as bad as the one Hottie had on a few months ago.
    Lil Kim is just a very sad little girl.She has destroyed what was once a very beautiful brown face.I guess she was trying to be more like Beyonce.


  14. I enjoy seeing what going on with our black sista today.Beyonce is a smart woman and I look up to that.SO all you other :hater: stop hatering.I also love Janet because she has a good attiude and Ilove it.:thumbsup:

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