Friday’s Picture Roundup 4.27.07

Y’all know how we do things around here every Friday, so let’s get right to it shall we? This week’s roundup is a treat as we have beautiful high quality photos of Ananda Lewis who is pretty reclusive these days. You all remember Ananda from her early days as host of BET’s Teen Summit. The sista then jumped ship and headed on over to MTV where she was a VJ for five years. Ananda was so popular on MTV that they bankrolled her talk show. Unfortunately, the show only lasted for two seasons but I still consider her the original Tyra.


  1. I miss Ananda 😥

    Teen Summit was the last quality show to come from BET (I mean besides Comic View :lol2: )

  2. What you doing up this early Shay 😆

    Oh, and you have been here too long not to have a gravatar girl. I like being able to recognize a post just by the gravatar of the user.

    Go sign up it takes a few second- just make sure you sign up for and use the same email address as the one you post on blogs with 🙂

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  3. Ananada was always such a classy lady. I remember her grilling Qtip about his videos and how he portrayed women.She was too serious though and that is why her show flopped.

  4. I liked Ananda, as well. Jamelia, I’m not familiar with, but I like that dress. Beyonce’s hair, I’m not feeling, but those SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: And Alicia is just so pretty. Love her. All the ladies look good 🙂 Thanks for the images!

  5. QUESTION: Does Beyonce ever ‘not’ wear fake eyelashes? Look how long those buddies are! 😆 Seriously though, I’d imagine that would be so annoying putting them on and taking them off all the time; not to mention that it might irritate the skin….the adhesive and stuff….

    Do any of you ladies wear fake eyelashes on a regular basis? Let’s have a beauty chat 😆 How can you stand them for so long??? I only pop them on (and badly, I might add) only on special occasions.

  6. Wow Zenobia. The only thing I wear is a little foundation b/c I get acne breakouts around this time of year (when the weather starts to get warmer). And I don’t even like doing that. I don’t like makeup too much and Bey doesn’t need it. Anyway, Alicia Keys looks great, beautiful as ever. I know this seems petty but ever since I heard that Ananda fooled around with Dame Dash while he was with Aaliyah I have been giving her the stink-eye 😡

  7. Ananda is so pretty, I’ve missed seeing her on TV. Liyah, I felt the same way when I first heard that rumor, but I never found out if it was true.

    Zenobia – girl I’m straight up feeling you on Beyonce’s shoes! I looove how this woman pulls everything together with her shoes. Dang, when will she put her shoes up for a charity auction? I wouldn’t wear her dresses, but a sista would bust the bank for her shoes 🙂

    So this is Jemelia? I’ve heard about her but never saw any pics. She has beautiful skin.

    I like Alicia Key’s hair style, very flattering on her. I know this sounds crazy, but I never thought she was beautiful or gorgeous – it was something about her eyes that made me think she looked off. She may look average (IMO) but there is no doubt that woman can sing! I love her voice and admire her songwriting, vocal and piano playing skills. She’s a true talent all around.

  8. Oh as far as Bey’s eyelashes – yes they are a tad too long for that casual outfit, but she’s a diva and so she get away with it.

    I love makeup, gowns, accessories when I’m going out, and I do wear the fake lashes on those occasions. But I couldn’t wear the fake lashes longer than a few hours and definitely not on a daily basis.

  9. @ Stephanie

    I tried it and I think I did everything right, so we’ll see :confused:

    Any I was suffering from a bad case of insomnia last night. What were you doing up so early?

  10. I can’t imagine why it didn’t work. Check your account again and make sure you have associated a gravatar with your email address. They changed things a bit over at the gravar site.Now after you upload an image you have to “set” it.

  11. Alicia has a crooked smile and acne. I still love her music though and look forward to her next CD.

  12. Shay I see your avatar.It is a house right? Clear your cookies or cace and it will show up.

  13. It is a house. Exactly how do I clear my cookies? 😆 Sorry, I’m technically challenged.

  14. Shay, if you’re using IE, click on Tools > Internet Options and clear your temp web folder.

    I see your gravatar – looks like a house.

  15. Jamelia….now i have a face to go with the music! i absolutely love her song “beware of the dog” that was featured in Victorias Secret fashion show a few months ago. :mrgreen:

    i completely forgot about ananda until this article

    alicia needs to put out some good music ASAP or we’re gonna have to continue to be exposed to beyonce’s stolen work 😥

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